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GW1 and GW2 the Great Journey and why you need to play GW2

susanto1228susanto1228 Member Posts: 203

First, I hope that if you've already played GW1 thats good, that way you will know what I am talking about.

This post is about a Journey, a journey that starts in GW1 and continues on to GW2.  I want to start by discussing some of the finer points of GW1 and what things I enjoyed about it, that can carry on to GW2, and ofcourse some things that were missing in GW1 that definetly should be input into GW2.....and were off.

This is gonna be a long post, so hang in there ok

Things that I enjoyed about GW1.

Achievements, yes some mmo's have them but you gotta really love the GW system of achievments its like you really accomplished something, and to most players, it really does mean something.

Community Quests, These are the kind of quests that require planning with your Guild or friends, that benefit a group of players, in both experience(talking game experience here, not XP) and rewards. For example, Urgoz Warren, I mean that took some planning, 3 or 4 hours to complete, which meant that you didn't experience the game alone for the most part, but with friends, and basically the whole PVE aspect is like that.

Leveling System, Well we all hate grinds, and I think thats probably or maybe the reason why GW did not have a very extensive crafting system, but leveling for the most part was not too bad, it didn't last too long and it wasn't that short, I'm amazed that people still enjoy playing their level 20's since the game started, thats a long time ago.

Population, What more can I say, you can still go into GW and find a lot of people in all expansions, and during the Holidays wow that's fun, going through some of the HOliday quests, for the Most part GW has a healthy population with a lot of servers, and that is good because, most people I would assume are going to play GW2 that currently play GW1

And My favorite, F2P, I read an article that was written by the CEO of NCSoft some years back, on how This MMO Model does work, just most companies don't like it, gee I wonder Why, still It's a great selling point, You don't have to worry about loosing your stuff if you don't play for a good while, and you don't have to worry about paying your fee every month, just buy  the game and your good too go, I don't know but that sounds like a pretty good deal too me.


Ofcourse GW has so much more going for it, but i can't possibly list them all, these are just some of my favorites.

Now onto the things that I wish GW would work on, and implement in GW2..

1. Different Races, and yes I know that they are implementing "some" but comeon do any of those really want to make you switch from human to whatever they plan to offer, not me. We need more races, different races.

2. Mounts, I don't know but You don't usually see a knight without a Horse or a ranger without one, I think it is sorely missing Mounts and I hope we get Flying mounts as well.

3.More control over your Character.  I don't know but clicking buttons, 1, 3, 5, 1, 2, 6, 5, you know that gets really old, so old.    We need to be able to Dodge attacks, Use your Shield, Use different swings with your sword or Axe, Parry,  Zoom in with your Bow, do an Actual Knockdown with a sprint, Jump, swim in water, I mean It's kool that you can do the "macarena" in GW with your character,  but comeon don't limit us in GW2, that would be a crying shame. Still have buttons for your Spells on Screen but like I said, more control over your Char.

4.  Crafting, Crafting, crafting.....You know part of the Problem with GW when it comes to Gear is that you can only get gear with 2 ways, Get it by killing an NPC or Buying it off Someone.  What ever happened to Making your own stuff?  Gw has no economy(except for NPC sellers, which they control the price pretty much) , no harvested items, no auction house, this is sorely needed in GW2.  You can't even create a slingshot.  Breaking Down Gear is about it, and that's not fun expecially when you would loose something of good value  when things don't go your way.  So NCSoft please Crafting, crafting ok, I don't mind trekking to Drokes for that Armor, and not saying it wasn't fun because it was, but we need crafting.

5.  Weapon/Modification/rating/DPS system.....Where to start?  hmmm 15%/50  HP+30 Enchantment /15%  bla bla bla.   please please Do not Bring this kind of stuff into GW2 ,  there is a lot a lot of displeasure in this System over at the GW GUru Forums, And this is Why Crafting is so Important, Someone Can Craft a weapon for y0u or Modify your current weapon to help you get the Stats you want, this HP+30 stuff is bullcrap...How can  a seller justify selling a sword for 100,000 just because it has HP+30 on it ridiculous. Please Do not bring this same system back when it comes to Weapons, its horrible.


And again, I could go on and on, about this game, with negative stuff, just like I can with the positive stuff, not every game is perfect, but certainly GW is a great franchise.

In closing I just want to point out a couple of things about this post....and I will put it in just simple sentences.

YES Guild Wars is an MMORPG, regardless of what anyone says, and come GW2 it will be a persistent World, so everyone can shutup about Instancing and such.

IT's ok to COPY from WOW, because They Copied from EVERCrack and everythign else that came before it, if it works, there is NOTHING wrong with using it.

For those of you that read this, and hung in there

And if you have never played GW your Missing out, right now I believe you can get a copy of GW for like 20.00 on ebay which is a great deal, so go get one, and enjoy the world of Guild Wars.



  • kingofnothinkingofnothin Member Posts: 112

    Good job on your post sus. I'm hopeing that the economy part does get better. Would be nice to have some sort of auction house, or market in that sort. Would also be nice to see more of a Guild Hall modification too. Like maybe within the GH each player can have their own like tent, or room, or something that would be fun. I'm really looking forward to GW2. For the fact they have to make a whole new game in order to do what they want to do shows a lot.


  • natuxatunatuxatu Member UncommonPosts: 1,364

    I'm sure it will be great and most GW fans can't wait the problem is I'm wishin it would hurry up. Or they should have at least made some medicore campagin in the meantime to keep us busy. But yeah it's a great game and the possibilities for GW2 are endless and exciting!


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