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AcuraAcura Member Posts: 2

Hello. I am a roleplayer, just wondering if this game would include roleplayers, or is it just a PvP game?



  • psychorob68psychorob68 Member Posts: 10


    Apart from being a soldier, there are endless occupations for players. These range from traders to craftspeople, priests to entertainers, shephards to poets, thieves to innkeepers, spies to ferrymen, the opportunities are endless.

    from that statement i would assume there will be much roleplay involved. if that helps answer your question


  • AcuraAcura Member Posts: 2

    Kindof. I mean, Thats what people can do in the game, sure. But it doesnt seem like much of a "roleplay" game.

  • GehaxGehax Member Posts: 9

     From what I hear its a full role playing game in fact they put a deases on oocers to explain there madness =)

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