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EVE or Planetside

Shrimp_1Shrimp_1 Member Posts: 4
Hello, i've been playing planetside for while now and i wounder if it's wourth starting play EVE online.. for those who played both PlanetSide and EVE can you give me your suggestion of witch game is the best/funniest??




  • qwertyfrozenqwertyfrozen Member Posts: 12
    i have played both and would say play EVE!!!!!. planetside just gets noring after awhile not much to do in that game un like EVE. there is to much to do in EVE and too little time. also it is easyer to chat in EVE and you get to interact with real people more. you better get a account before shiva is relased or you will be lost as how to do any thing. i cant wait for shiva!

  • MortygbMortygb Member Posts: 22

    I agree with qwerty on this, Planetside get's a bit monotonous after a while, whereas in Eve there is so much depth with different skillls and ships, different ways to make money etc. I think Eve will keep you busy for a very long time.
    The only drawback in your case is that Planetside is constant action, but Eve is more contemplation and a lot of brainwork. There is some action but not as intense as Planetside. Give the free trial a go, you have nothing to lose that way. It's only 14 days so you will barely scratch the surface but you will get some idea.

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    Protect me from what I want.

  • r1tualr1tual Member Posts: 559

    Yeah Eve has more replayability.

    Planetside you can play for 8 hours straight and its fun,  but if you play for a month it gets boring.

    Eve has alot more to do besides just mindless kill/die/spawn/kill/die/spawn/die/spawn/kill/kill/die/spawn that PLanetside has.  Especially when your BR20.

  • ArteanArtean Member UncommonPosts: 215

    EvE or Planetside...?

    Whiskey or milk?

    Black Metal or Folk lore? image


    Quite a difference between the two of them, but:

    Planetside: action all the way, from start to finish; group tactics, weapons, explotions, action, grenades, action, strategy on squad and, sometimes, on "army" level, death and action.

    EVE: is mostly about develop: develop your character, ship fitting; develop your strategy, tactics, products, logistics, resource and corporation management; develop your diplomacy, politics, and not by any means the least (but totally dependent on your own free will) your combat capabilities.

    You will have to develop: develop into someone; because, in the begining, you will be a nobody, a face among hundred in the rocky-channel, a face in the crowd. image 


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  • Shrimp_1Shrimp_1 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks ALOT for the tips guys!!



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