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Stargate Worlds Beta Key winners is Linked wrong

Stargate Worlds Beta Key Winners when you confirm it goes to Shadow of Legend Giveaway Plesr fix this Thanks.



  • GueberGueber Member UncommonPosts: 37

    Hmm you sure about that cause it seems to be wrking fine for me. Aside from that the contest is closed already so it doesn't really matter now.

  • Starfighter1Starfighter1 Member Posts: 7

    Yea it works now but at first it did not it  after comfirming it took me to a link I stated above.


  • MyzRainMyzRain Member Posts: 43

    This happened to me as well, though I concluded that it didn't matter, because, regardless of the mis-linkage, it still has me confirmed as a winner on the SGW contest page, as I'm sure it did for you as well. No worries. You probably should have e-mailed staff about this instead of posting in a random section, but it doesn't matter too much. :)

    What is forgotten is forever immortal.

  • Saito^Saito^ Member UncommonPosts: 25

     Same issue here did recieve a mail i won and i confirmed it and now I show as confirmed in the list but still no download link or beta key. How long does this normally take the last time I won't something I got it instantly.

  • Starfighter1Starfighter1 Member Posts: 7

    Check you home Email for Stargte Worlds or CME


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