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Amarr pilot looking to serve the Emperor

neonwireneonwire Member Posts: 1,787

I have been playing EVE on and off for a bit over a month now and have been serving the Amarr empire for about a week (started as Gallente but changed my mind). So far I have only really been doing the PvE missions which are obviously pretty tedious but as everyone knows they are not the reason people stick with EVE.

I would like to join a serious Amarr corporation so I can get a taste of smiting some real enemies. However I dont want to join a corporation with a silly name or one that doesnt have any structure or rules. A true Amarrian corporation should be stern, strict and disciplined and should not accept pilots from any of the other inferior races!

I am totally new to the PvP aspect of EVE but am totally willing to serve in the name of the Emperor! With some strict guidance and training I could potentially becoming a fine warrior in your corporation and perhaps find a purpose in the universe that goes beyond the mere aquisition of wealth.

If you belong to or know of a suitable corporation that may have use for a fledgling pilot such as myself then please do let me know.

For God and Emperor.


  • devilishlydodevilishlydo Member Posts: 30

    There are several good options for Amarr RPers who want to mix it up. PIE Inc is a good corporation, and I believe they're involved in FW at the moment. There's also an alliance, VV- (Vigilia Valeria) that I believe helps out with FW in an unofficial capacity. If you'd like to move out to 0.0, there are several corporations in CVA (Curatores Veritatis Alliance) with varying degrees of Amarr Victor living out in Providence.

    I've fought all those guys and they're all good places to settle if you're up for God and Empress.

  • neonwireneonwire Member Posts: 1,787

    Thanks for that. Shortly after posting I got off my lazy arse and went on a forum patrol scanning for suitable Amarr corporations. PIE and CVA seemed to be the most prominant so I believe I will be applying with PIE. Thankyou for your assistance though. May the Emperor smile upon you.

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