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Join the online Sensation Shaiya

2pobi02pobi0 Member Posts: 2

Join Shaiya! Shaiya is a free MMORPG it is belived to have the best graphic of all free MMORPGs. The game is fun and has an exclusive feature where you select modes in which you play. The modes are Easy     Normal   Hard and Ultimate. The harder the mode the harder it is to level but the character is stronge. The Ultimate mode has a special feature if your character dies and isn't ressurected by a fellow player or ressurection rune the character is Deleted Permanetly!

So join in the online sensation Shaiya!


  • GiggetGigget Member Posts: 129

    If characters can be "stronge" I don't want to play it.  Sounds too overpowred to me.  Besideds, I downloaded the game awhile back, and it was full of viruses.

  • 2pobi02pobi0 Member Posts: 2

    When i said storonger i mean that you get more stat and skill poits for example in normal you get 5 stat and 3 skill points each lvl but in hard 7stat and 4 skill so it isn't overpoverd. And you have to get Normal mode to lvl 50 before you start from lvl 1 Hard and hard to 50 to start ultimate so it isnt overpoverd

  • ZaelklasZaelklas Member Posts: 25

    Game sucks, can't progress anywhere without buying items off of AeriaGames's shop, PvP is horrible, and barely anything to do.

    If you feel like playing an MMO that has nothing but shitty graphics, is buggy, and world is so small then hey this game is for you.

    Honestly I'd rather play f*cking maple story over this piece of sh*t.

  • AIDAN242AIDAN242 Member Posts: 2


    well it shure sounds like this fuking peice of shit isnt good. might aswell not get the ball sucker.

  • varnos7varnos7 Member Posts: 4

    I have played Flyff, Perfect World, Eve, Mabinogi, and other mmorpg's, and this game is one of my favorites, I like your ability to point click, and use the keyboard, with shortcuts that make sense.  You can use the numbers above the keyboard, and the number pad as seperate hotkeys, something I have never seen in other games.  This game actually has fewer cash shop advantages than I have seen in other games.  In Mabinogi just buying a $7 pet, can change your advantage dramatically, plus you get to keep it as long as you remember your account name and password.

    It was  a little hard for me to keep my intrest in this game, but I am getting to like it more and more as I play.  As mentioned elsewhere, there is an easy mode, where you lvl quickly, but get fewer stat points to spend.  and normal, hard, and etc. 

    I'd say overall it's worth checking out as far as free games go. 

  • Im downloading now, and trying tonight.


    Its got promise, ppl can moan all they want about these game but at the end of the day ITS FREE!! and how else are companies going to survive unless they make buying items a priority.


    Gaming might be fun to us, but it puts their food on the table



  • googajoob7googajoob7 Member Posts: 866
    Originally posted by Gigget

    If characters can be "stronge" I don't want to play it.  Sounds too overpowred to me.  Besideds, I downloaded the game awhile back, and it was full of viruses.


    lol dont you just love people that are not smart enough to overlook a typo and resort to sarcasm.

  • AzureAtreyuAzureAtreyu Member Posts: 2

    New To The Game...

    Ok... So, I've seen the game around... Advertised on Myspace and other such places... I've always wanted to play it... So, I'm downloading it right at this moment...

    I really just want to know the attributes of the game and what other games it's like (IE: Final Fantasy, RuneScape, Aion, Gaia, Etc Etc) and if it's even really worth the play...

    If anyone can get back to this post before 20 minutes is passed that'd be swell...


    /\/3|2|) 1()\/3

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