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Crafting question - Tailsman making

So I want to use scavenging as my gathering skill, but I want Tailsman as my crafting skill.  Is that reasonable?  It appears that the only gathering skill that goes with Tailsman making is magical salvaging because you need fragments to make the tailsmans.  What do you guys think is the best combination?  Also, I am a WH, should I maybe consider apothecary instead?


  • madstoogmadstoog Member Posts: 132

     Don't think it matters really, im taking talisman making and im a witch hunter :), going to use magical salvaging tho or it be a bit pointless i think.

  • Black_ElvisBlack_Elvis Member Posts: 188

    The crafting in WAR is simple but very interesting in it's own right.  It fits the game well & I feel people will like it when they try it.

    Most crafts, like Talisman making, require mats from multiple sources.  As does the other main crafts.  In WAR you may have 1 main craft skill and 1 gathering class skill.  Odds are most mid - high level recipes will require mats from multiple gathering skills so it would be a good idea pick up one and get your economy rolling!

    In the beginning, say 1-50 you can mostly get your own mats.  For Talismans, I would recommend one or the other salvaging skills and buy/sell on the market to make what  you want.


  • SabbicatSabbicat Member UncommonPosts: 290

    You can get some really cool items from Scaveging sentient Mobs. But there is one item you can only get from magic salvaging. It is important to take salvaging and Talisman making then use the scavaging from a friend/guildmate or alt.

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