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Is this a good game

deathvpdeathvp Member Posts: 11

I am not sure if I should try it. I'm wondering if I should play.

The sword slasher


  • culturefurculturefur Member Posts: 2

    It depends on your own feeling, everyone have their own thoughts, you'd better paly the game first and then make a decision.

  • onlydssonlydss Member Posts: 2

    I'm a newbie here, I just want to know more about the game, my classmate John always tell me it's a great game, so I want to see it by myself.

  • louisanddsslouisanddss Member Posts: 2

    When you are enjoying the game you never think RO is a good game, no matter what the game is just play it and tell us how the game is.

  • ZwiebelszvenZwiebelszven Member Posts: 2

    nice game :p

  • smallsnsmallsn Member Posts: 12

    Originally posted by DESOUL

    The game is a grindfest, i'd give it a 9/10 tough since i've played it myself for 3 years. It really depends on your tastes, if you like a good game that has something betwen 2d and 3d anime graphics then this is your go, well if you've played Tales of Pirates , Water Margin or games of such then i can encourage you that ragnarok is alot better and more evolved than these =

    I agree. Gindfest buh still it fun. Depends what rate your playing on. Classes are kewl and skills. Tales of pirate i dont really lyk bekuz of the screen how it moves. how slow the character run and stuff, and those scrolls that can -1k of your exp and u grinding buh no exp are going up ==.


    I recommed anyone should try this game out xD

  • aranhaaranha Member Posts: 170

    Best mmorpg on the market if u ask me! Great freedom and unlimited builds and choices when making characters. Challenging boss fights, Great economy and equipment system, Awesome community! I played it for 5 years straight and i could go back any day and still enjoy it as much as i did.


    10/10 Thats what i say! Hehe might even activate my account again just to check whats going on :D


  • AxumAxum Member Posts: 891

    Ah i miss my old IRO days, this was my first mmo


    i have to say i only got to 67, and thats after dedicating 12  hrs a day for 2-3 months xD


    but i love the style, the classes, and the pvp :P


  • zilinskaszilinskas Member Posts: 8

    This game is cool when you are low lvl and are learning about the game mechanics, but when you get high lvl the grind kills the fun of it.

  • mangekyou09mangekyou09 Member Posts: 19

    Grinding takes the fun out of any game for me because i just don't have the patience or time. Would love to see how their pvp works though.

  • deathwishx13deathwishx13 Member Posts: 42

    I've played RO for about.. 4 years now (on and off) and i think it's an amazing game. Granted I play on private servers which are free, it's a great game. Will run on any pos computer, and will always keep you entertained.

    Yes, it is a grindfest, and it will take a fair amount of time to be a pvp contender, but once you're high lvl it's a great game.

    PvP is fun in this game, there are pvp arenas you can warp too, and the main PvP attraction in RO, is The War of Emperium. In each of the main towns, there are 4-5 castles, and each can be taken and held by clans. At set times during the week, every server differs, The War of Emperium is enabled, and clans who own castles, defend them from all the other clans / mercs who enter and attack. To take a castle you must make it to the final room (The Emperium room) and attack the emperium which has a certain amount of HP. To the clan who deals the last hit to the emp, gets the castle.

    Fun game, IF you don't mind grinding :P

  • tikboitikboi Member Posts: 243

    honestly, i played this game for almost 3 years. i just figured out that this is a good game, but not long lasting. with issues such as botting and selling of zennies, the game itself became unfair and down right boring.

  • Timberwolf0Timberwolf0 Member Posts: 424
    Originally posted by BRYANBARTLEY

    Ah i miss my old IRO days, this was my first mmo
    i have to say i only got to 67, and thats after dedicating 12  hrs a day for 2-3 months xD
    but i love the style, the classes, and the pvp :P

    12 hours a DAY?

    You need help. Professional help.

    And a job.

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