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WTF! this is space cowboy!

Ammoth01Ammoth01 Member Posts: 23

This is space cowboy! the original game made by gPotatoe. This has the same diolouge, ships, items, and characters (i think. not sure about items but sure about everything else). from what ive heard this game has had 3 names, including this one.



  • lazyredheadlazyredhead Member Posts: 66

    SCO was sold to another company that changed the name

  • celestriacelestria Member Posts: 1

    its not only space cowboy its air rivals also

  • ZooweyZoowey Member Posts: 17

    I played this game (Space Cowboy) up until it got canceled, and when that happened my account got erased as well.

    I enjoyed playing the game and was very agrey and sad when it was canceled, but if this has happened 3 times before then I don't think I want to work so hard only to have my account erased again...   


  • mutatormutator Member Posts: 131

    space cowboy!!!!! i had a high lvl person there... it was impossibel beyond lvl 25 to play... then suddenly there were no player how many times do i have to start a new!!!!!!!!!!

  • KalafaxKalafax Member UncommonPosts: 539

    well first off space cowboys got shut down, and then air rivals started up, but I'm pretty sure this company has the go ahead to make this game, and they've improved a hellaovalot on space cowboys and made it much better, so leave it alone.

    Mess with the best, Die like the rest

  • mutatormutator Member Posts: 131

    i believe this game will get a player rating of a max 1 k people

  • brandywangbrandywang Member Posts: 4

    this is not a highly valued game I take it?

  • mutatormutator Member Posts: 131

    this game is always sold and bought and therefore the saves of the people playing it will get lost:( it is not a bad game... but i hate when it ends like this and restarts

  • binary_0011binary_0011 Member Posts: 528

    when i watch the video, i was like "what the......"


    this is exactly space cowboy ............

  • Lord_IxiganLord_Ixigan Member Posts: 548

    Uhhh, ACE Online is actually the original version of the game. Ever wonder why SCO didn't get updated for over a year? It's because ACE Online (the actual version of the game in Korea) never translated patches for SCO. Gpotato was just the company that got the liscence for ACE and they renamed it.

  • mutatormutator Member Posts: 131

    you didnt notice when you saw the pictures?

  • popinjaypopinjay Member Posts: 6,539

    this game has been bought and sold so many times, they should change the name to "Red Headed Stepchild" online.

    It's been treated worse than a pimp treats a 10 dollar ho...

  • KinePs3KinePs3 Member UncommonPosts: 66

    omg! its 100% Space Cowboy!



  • weylin6weylin6 Member Posts: 18

    bastards shut down space cowboy... :(

  • jdm12983jdm12983 Member UncommonPosts: 46

    This will help you guys out - tells about Ace Online/Space Cowboy:

  • It is the exact same game as Space Cowboy, or at least it WAS. ACE Online has gone under huge expansions, and no it's not being constantly sold/re-bought. That has ONLY happened the one time with Space Cowboys. AirRivals is still up and running, but it's based in Germany so the Masang decided to open it in  North America as well, to accommodate the players here. The community is awesome, GM's go above and beyond their call of duty, PvP is unparralled to any game I've played, and there is currently no fear of this game being shut down. Just because it happened the one time, everyone assumes that it's going to happen again, instead of realizing that they are in the process of making the game global by hosting it in many different countries with more localized versions. ACE Online is located in Canada, and AirRivals is in Germany, SCO was I believe in California, so it's more a Homecoming instead of a "ZOMG TEHY SOLD TEH GAEM AGAIN Y PLAY????!!oneoneshiftone"

  • GeneralnitroGeneralnitro Member Posts: 5

    Space Cowboy got shutdown, Air Rivals opened in Europe a few months later, and at August 18 a new NA server, this game, launched it's CB, and we now have the infamous EP3 update with alot of new maps and soon new weapons and stuff as well.

  • xLsupportxLsupport Member Posts: 5

     This isnt SCO. Its a expansion of it. Things have changed. The gameplay is the same. SCO was the older version of this game, which was shut down quite a long time ago. 

    This is the NorthAmerican localization of this game.

  • PipwickyPipwicky Member Posts: 63

    this is the same game as space cowboy/air rivals/ect.


    It is somewhat playable. Really nothing has changed over the years. Same bugs, same crappy graphics, same quests, same items, ect.


    Maybe ep3 adds some things? but I've already uninstalled again


    This is really just a boring grindy game, you will most likely delete in your mid level 20's.

  • tsuranotsurano Member Posts: 52
    Originally posted by Pipwicky

    this is the same game as space cowboy/air rivals/ect.
    It is somewhat playable. Really nothing has changed over the years. Same bugs, same crappy graphics, same quests, same items, ect.
    Maybe ep3 adds some things? but I've already uninstalled again
    This is really just a boring grindy game, you will most likely delete in your mid level 20's.

    lol if you quit in your mid 20's either:

    you are way to impatient to play most MMOs out there

    too noob to do the quests


    were an Mgear or Agear


    I played, never used cash shop and got to lvl 70 in a month, which is pretty slow.  I was an average player, went on for a few hours a day, participated in wars etc.


    1-50 is pretty easy if you know how to play, 50-70 can be hard since rock's nest doesn't have safe maps.  And Island's Dream can be hard due to small amount of spawns

  • EP3 War of Pandea brought a whole bunch of cool neat stuff, Heres a small list:

    -New Maps

    -New Missions

    -New Weapons

    -New Boss Armors

    -New Monsters

    -And the old stuff has been improved and have a new look, such as the Nation bases.

    Compared to SCO, Ace Online has changed very dramatically and is way cooler than ever.

    P.S. For the new boss armors, are some pics of how they look like:





  • deugemietdeugemiet Member Posts: 82

    I enjoyed Space Cobwboy but only to play for once and a while.

    Pvp is nice...dogfights...but the homebase....when ur docked ur fighter had terrible graphics...the avatar walks like a retard.

    Would like to play it again but only for free...

  • Ultimate87Ultimate87 Member Posts: 6

    Ok this is what happened. Now if some1 else already said this srry i didnt read all 3 pages. SCO got shut down because for copyright infringment on the Korean version. Air Rivals (Flysis) is still up and running with horrible gms and is low on updates. Ace Online *Best of em all* is currently the best (most updates/content/great gms) one. It has less people that AR but that means you wont be ksed while grinding as much. I play Ace Online M-Gear.

  • xxdemonxxxxdemonxx Member Posts: 4

    Duhh man, I mean come on.

    You could have known this if you read the SCO Forums..

    It was announced that AR Would launch for Europe, and another publisher would later pick up the NA version again.


  • Originally posted by celestria

    its not only space cowboy its air rivals also


    ...and Flysis!

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