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How do you move a guild.

CzzarreCzzarre Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,742

I am wondering. Whats the process of moving an entire guild from one game to the next.

What preparations do you make, if any? Or do you just say, '"ok, everyone to X game on Y server.

Do you set up which players play what roles (tank/healers/etc)? Or do you just let people try out any character class they want and then just take a census (hmm ...69 dps, 1 healer).

How many players do you lose from those who wish to stay behind?



  • JessixaJessixa Member Posts: 45

    This would be hard.. if everyone in your guild wants to change to a different game then just make sure everyone knows which game, server, what your char will be called. All the people that are serious about it will contact you that way, then you will know who are serious about the guild at least.

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  • Shadow786Shadow786 Member UncommonPosts: 210

    Most Guilds/Clans have a large amount of people that have many divisions - DoTA Teams, CSS Teams, WoW Teams etc. People interlink, for example DoTA Teams raid on non training or Match days.

    So its easier for large communities such as the ones described, to move from one game to another or simply expand thier Tag, however for those who simply want to move the Guild they run to another game. That is alot more difficult because not everyone may share the view so he might get a few handful, and will have to start the whole recruiting thing again.

  • Enforcer71Enforcer71 Member UncommonPosts: 780

    When I moved my guild from swg to WoW I made sure everyone knew what our plans were then got a general idea of how many people were interested in the move and I got their email addresses.

    Once I got my character set up in WoW I sent out an email to all of the people who were interested and let them know what server in WoW I was on and what my character name was so this allowed them to look for me in game to get the guild set up.

    I also stayed in SWG for another month to make sure that the people left in the guild knew we had moved over to WoW and gave them the info as well in case they decided to join us later. If you have a guild website it would be a good idea to put this info on there as well.

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