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Subscription charges

BlodplsBlodpls Member Posts: 1,454

It appears to me that MMORPG's are becoming increasing less sophisticated each generation. 

With new releases nearly removing crafting and player driven economies, which used to be mmo staples, and using heavy zoning I am thinking maybe they should stop making some of these games pay to play. 

The line between regular MMOG's and MMORPG's is becoming increasing blurred. Soon MMORPG's will be indistinguishable from games like COD4.  COD4 has character advancement and loot (unlocks), the only thing it's missing is a peristant world.  A lot of new non subscription games have publisher hosted servers so whats the difference? 

Every time a staple of MMORPG's is reduced or removed it means less and less server expense for the company running the game.

I think the only difference is expectation, if a game has MMORPG written on the box then people expect to pay, if it doesn't then they don't.

If MMORPG's carry on down the path that they are taking then I will not be willing to pay subscription charges for them.  Does anyone else feel the same about this?





  • TeimanTeiman Member Posts: 1,319

    Thats not a problem. Pay the ones you like, I guest.. the ones more complex?

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