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Worst MMO's of all time Thread



  • RooseveltRoosevelt Member Posts: 341
    1. Agreed with the any Free to Play game, they are all horrible
    2. Guild Wars for truely destroying the boundries to which people accepted the term "MMO" if the genre degenerates any further we will start seeing single player games with downloadable content becoming "MMO's".
    3. NGE Star Wars Galaxies, yes I am being serious, I tried to play the game on multiple occasions and it gave me a chill each time. I felt sorry for the game itself, like it was a small kitten left out in the rain. Only then the kitten was taken hostage by hitler and turned into some Monster Nazi Kat (MNK).

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  • pbachucksterpbachuckster Member Posts: 3



    Everquest Online Adventures (PS2)

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