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An untalked about topic!

A topic that I haven't been seen talked about yet is this game good to just hang out with people in too!  From what I've heard there is a whole district for it and you can hang out at pubs and play minigames there what do you think about this?  If you wanna just relax and have some fun or talk we need a place to do it what do you think should or is there?


  • dafuzzledafuzzle Member Posts: 160

    Umm thats already in the game, it's called the Citadel or something like that, i believe.

  • skipethskipeth Member Posts: 66

    I'll take the no on that because I have limited time to play games.  During which time, I would like to actually kill things and take their stuff. 

    The Citadel is a public place with recreational activities and an instanced guild hall to meet with guildies.  I will probably try out some of the gambling activities too. 

    In contrast to other games with multiple cities in the world with varying degrees of racial intollerance, I think the Citadel will be quite lively.

  • HypermiikeHypermiike Member Posts: 21

    Your right there is a place for this.  It's called the varnival district not citadel...the citadel is the main city.  I'm asking mostly what you think should be there and if you like the idea.

  • skipethskipeth Member Posts: 66

    ok, that's a bit more clear.

    I'm not into pretending to sit in a bar and drink while some ass clown dances on the table.  I can do that in rl.

    With regards to games within games, one of my favorites was the collectible card game in FFVIII.  I also miss the days of playing MTG for ante.  I think some form of collectible card/miniature strategy game would be fun.

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