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levsixlevsix Member UncommonPosts: 363

I know this one is going to be popular across different demographics than the usual MMO crowd.

I realize this is a more of a social game. Is there any combat in the game? I had asked if there was pvp and I was not joking...I found it humorous but was not flaming the game. Is it strictly social or are there ways for people to fight each other? Mario Brothers and other very E-rated games have "fighting". I was genuinely asking. I hope this post is cautious enough as to not warrant repercussions.

Never mind, I saw some other people asked this, but I still wanted to know a little more about what this game is all about. I've read the summarized descriptions by Googling.

I read in the other thread that it DOES have pvp. I just find it very weird people with literally identical posts "Does this game have pvp? thatd be funny" or "does this game have pvp hahah" ... They still have their posts there but mine was deleted for trolling. Too strange.

I want to see combat vids! I wonder if it is like Super Mario or something. And I am not trolling, I'm being serious.


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  • zymurgeistzymurgeist Member RarePosts: 5,484

    No PvP combat.


    Hello Kitty Online is not just about fighting monsters - there are many activities to choose from. Aside from the monster-filled adventure areas, players can dig for ore in a mine, or range the forests to pick fruit from trees. Farming allows you to plant, grow and harvest your own crops; be sure to take good care of your crops so you will have a good harvest, and if you have a healthy farm you can even show it off to your online friends! You can use many other skills like cooking, tailoring, making furniture, and building houses. Commerce with other players will allow you to earn Kitty Dollars to spend on your character!


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  • georgebinggeorgebing Member Posts: 15

    I think it has PvP as in pet vs. pet, but not sure about actual player PvP, there is some form of combat, I saw some pictures and blog entries where they were debating/discussing the merits of hitting starfish with a broom!

    It's sort of Alice in wonderlandish surreal...if you think about it...

  • LiddokunLiddokun Member UncommonPosts: 1,665

    There is combat in the game but there is no killing instead you merely bop them till they lose consciousness .. like pokemon games.

  • bbegirlbbegirl Member Posts: 61

    I was in the first beta, it's not violent at all, a bit of bopping, but mostly skills, cooking, collecting and house building and a whole bunch of socializing.

    I like your example of Mario, the similarity to Mario is probably the closest in the mini action games that are there with the pet raising and farming that reminds me a lot on a cross between animal crossing and harvest moon.

  • jajjaa555jajjaa555 Member Posts: 4

    Do you fighr with a stick or...

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