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Core a all horde guild is recruiting

PureChaosPureChaos Member Posts: 839

Hello, My name is PureChaos, we are a all horde guild CORE, or Children Of REvolution, we are looking for all those who are wishing to join a good fairly small horde guild, there are a few more officer positions open to those who wish to take those. Please contact  us by visiting our forums, (website under construction) at we are a very together guild and take suggestions from all our members. Thank you. Please post any comments you have on this thread.


The link above is currently under work and has a few glitches. Please use and bookmark this link . You do not have to be in WOW to join(cause we arnt). Also please say in the in the aplication that you heard of it by me (PureChaos) at

The site will be done  before retail. Right now it is just a forum.




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