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Guilds and games playing

GyouzaGyouza Member Posts: 4

Well to start I think this is my first post even though Ive been registered for awhile so hola everybody. I was just wondering how I can select multiple games for games played in the guild part of the site I participate in all games my guild exists in but it only seems to allow me to select one at a time. So is there a way to select more than one?


Thanks in advance anyone who can help :D


  • RaltarRaltar Member UncommonPosts: 829

    My guess would be that you simply have to "add" your guild multiple times for each game you play. It seems kind of silly but that appears to be the only way that it will allow you to list your guild for more then one game.

    Perhaps the MMORPG staff will eventually get around to putting a better system in place as there seem to be multiple issues with this current one. (I personally don't like their "raid times" feature, becasue it assumes that the game you play has raids. Makes it sound like they created the system just for WoW...)

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