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dragonball online

tomy800tomy800 Member Posts: 4

i see no dragonball online has now in korea the beta test  can that game in the list want i got some screens look self


has come end 2008 in u.s en eu say some sites but join this mmorpg in the list


  • kingtommyboykingtommyboy Member Posts: 543

    yes this is an mmorpg and it should be listed here

    but is there already an english site released?

    This will be the best korean mmorpg ever created; because the most of the korean grinders is trash!

    waiting for ... nothing..

  • HelloKirbyHelloKirby Member CommonPosts: 110

    You have got to be kidding me.... A dragonball mmo? 


  • singsofdeathsingsofdeath Member UncommonPosts: 1,812

    I figure the game will only be features on this site with a seperate section if a publisher for western countries is found. So far, I have seen nothing to support the theory that Dragonball Online will be brought to the Western Market. It will eventually though, I'm sure.

  • tomy800tomy800 Member Posts: 4

    first i make no joke are site

    the eu (think i) is

    previews are here this is an forum for news if you want more info

    the japan site is

    wikipedia site is

    and in wkipedia and is no eu and usa release datum i think in 2009 come the game in us and japan release datum s 2009 (first 2008)

  • vingvegavingvega Member Posts: 577

    This looks freakin sweet!  If you're 5 years old.

  • enhasaenhasa Member Posts: 2

    From the previews it has a nice graphic.

    Love you! ^_^

  • kevmachinekevmachine Member Posts: 18

    The only way id play this game, is if you there were no cap's, the more you train, the more powerfull you become, there shouldn't be a cap on it.  And also I heard that you can pick to be a child and age as you play, i will only play if your character doesn't eventually die from old age.  Or if you collect the dragon ball's you could wish to turn your character back into a child and keep his powerlevel.  Or you could wish for immortality :D

  • DeserttFoxxDeserttFoxx Member UncommonPosts: 2,402

    dragonball is the only thing i will have to admit i am a fanboi for....


    I will play that game purely on name alone.

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  • IphaltuusIphaltuus Member Posts: 24

    Yeah, so little update-age in the u.s sadly.  Probably won't be worth a damn anyway.

  • lovesky1981lovesky1981 Member Posts: 3

    is it  funny ,where to download?

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