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Few Questions

GothikaboyGothikaboy Member UncommonPosts: 119

What is the Max lvl?

How easy is it to lvl up?

How long time to maximum lvl?

are there many quests?

is there grinding?

How is the movement? WASD or Click2Walk?

Is there PvP Gains? like in WoW: Honor to buy special equipment?


i think thats all for now, thanks in advance

Please do not hype any gam.. oh wait, nevermind... forgot what forum I was on.


  • naga88naga88 Member Posts: 3

    Hi! Can somebody help me?Please! I would like to ask it,that Turf Battles he has an end? When will Turf Battles be good if he is not done?The answer greet! Bye

  • vinniej55vinniej55 Member Posts: 18

    Well, turfbattles is closed and wont come back,

    But to answer the questions:


    1. lvl 300 is max lvl

    2.It was easy to lvl up( yea when rock glitch was there, there for it took ages to lvl up!)

    3.i think you need1 year of playing to reach lvl 300

    4. Not many quests

    5.What do you mean with grinding?

    6. Movement is with moue, WASD and arrow keys

    7. Yes there is a pvp system and i can tell it has the best pvp system in the world!!

  • yingjieluoyingjieluo Member Posts: 5

    I like Turf Battles best,course of the cool PK system,and the controls like CS,and the classes.. the max lvl was 300,yes,that was not easy to get 300 lvl,about 2 monthes ago on Frozen Land... but not sure about the coming version.. hope it not too hard to lvl.. but not too easy either.. i wanna enjoy the cool fights....


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