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cant uninstall voyage century

  For some reason I cant uninstall voyage century not even when I got to windows remove software. It says it is in a format the uninstaller does not recognize. Can I got into my files and delete them manually or something??


  • OzmodanOzmodan Member EpicPosts: 9,726

    Go to the games directory, right click on it and select delete.  You have now deleted the game.  You can also take it off your menu bar the same way.

  • Deadm0ney4uDeadm0ney4u Member Posts: 127

    thanks for the help but what do u mean game directory how do I get there ??  Sorry not very bright when it comes to running a pc I can barely figure out forums

  • Larry2298Larry2298 Member Posts: 865

    The same to Shadow of Legend, the donwload is fast but the patch took hours. And the game is not under windows instllation, nor I can find any uninstall function. I was thinking about security or something like that when a software running weird in my pc.

    I have removed the game as well as registry.

  • LunethLuneth Member Posts: 63

    If you wan't to remove the folder, Hold in The windows button (the flag button) and E go to local disk then program files, then find the voyage century folder, and delete

    voila and you don't have the game anymore


  • AlojzyAlojzy Member Posts: 1

    You may try Add/Remove 4Good, which can easily uninstall any stubborn applications. I've tried this shareware. It works pretty fine on XP.

  • tonyrb22tonyrb22 Member Posts: 1

    thank u every1 i really wanted to uninstall it because it occupied alot of space ty

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