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Krystal Online - New MMMORPG [Check Forums & Site For Screenshots]

MicroliteMicrolite Member Posts: 8

Website: Click Here

Forums: Click Here

Krystal Online

- New MMORPG Game Set To be Released In Mid/Late 2009

- Amazing 3D Graphics (Screen Shots To be Added Soon)

- Good Looking Website Layout

- Free Friendly Forum Community

*Ill Add More When Their Are More Updates*

Staff: Administrators

- Microlite

- Darkprince  (Head Admin)

- Lars

Screenshots Will Be Posted Within The Next Few Days!



 Heres To All You People Who Think Krystal Will be A Failure: Heres Some Races Of The Game


  • Ratboy51Ratboy51 Member Posts: 29

    Sounds like a good site. Even though it's not being released until next year, can I register my account now?


    Epic awesome me

  • MicroliteMicrolite Member Posts: 8

    You can register on the forum at the moment then we will open for alpha registration. When that happens all you need to do is email us (If you are chosen) your desired username and password.


    (P.S. We Need Forum Members. Only The Earlyest of Members Will Be Able To Test the Server In Its Alpha Phase)



  • Ratboy51Ratboy51 Member Posts: 29

    Microlite, I can't seem to access your Krystal Online forums anymore. Whenever I try to go on it, it always redirects me to Ask.com.

    Can you tell me what is wrong?


    Epic awesome me

  • MicroliteMicrolite Member Posts: 8

    Myself and other can access it. I don't know what the problem is :S

  • Tyres100Tyres100 Member Posts: 704

    Dunno what to think about this one. No screens or video yet, just regular info.

    Who let you in the VIP section?

  • ValentinaValentina Member RarePosts: 1,946

    There's nothing to judge this game with, and the grammar on parts of the site is pretty bad.

  • MicroliteMicrolite Member Posts: 8

    Guys, if you would CARE to visit our forums, Their is afew images of the game.

  • MicroliteMicrolite Member Posts: 8



    Check forums for new screenshots of the first town!

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