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eXergoeXergo Member Posts: 3

Just want to see how many people still wish PKing was still part of the game.


  • mike470mike470 General CorrespondentMember Posts: 2,396

    I used to want them to have PKing back..put the wilderness back and fix things..but it's too late.

    They say their game is for under the age of 13.  The horrible custamor service and the inability to actually make good updates.  It's safe to say RuneScape isn't going anywhere, and is just a home to a bunch of little kids who found the game on Miniclip.

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  • Matt269Matt269 Member Posts: 124

    Anyone who says that Bounty Hunter is better than the old wilderness either has just started playing runescape and therefore has no idea what he/she is talking about or they were a pjer who has no honor.

    Bounty Hunter doesn't compare to the old wilderness. The old wilderness had variety and was unpredictable. Bounty Hunter had way too many rules not to mention that as soon as you kill your target a random person just comes in and kills you while you are at low health without letting you heal. Not to mention there isnt much strategy involved in bounty hunter. The wilderness provided many places to hide and plan ambushes.

  • V_Repoman_VV_Repoman_V Member Posts: 22

    I agree that its probably too late to save PKing.

    The closest thing to PKing is the BountyHunter minigame, and its really unfair to solo "honor" PKers & the lower lvls in the 3 crater divisions.

    In all these months, they havent bothered fixing BH, so its likely that  PvP will never come close to even meeting its old measure.


  • luckypotatoluckypotato Member Posts: 251

    Yeah, unfortunately Jagex stopped being a 13+ mmorpg and is now a "starter mmorpg"

    So i can guarantee that we will never see the wilderness again


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  • Ratboy51Ratboy51 Member Posts: 29

    luckypotato is right, Jagex has confirmed many times they will NEVER bring back the old wilderness.

    RuneScape is more than just the wildy, there are alot more things besides PKin, like skillin, training, and so much more!



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