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Wurm Online - A not so known game, but a fantastic one.

CederoCedero Member Posts: 55

Greetings, I would like to tell you about Wurm Online. A few months back I was referred to this game and I would like to do the same to many other people, since I myself was dissapointed that I had not find this game before now.

You can try it out for free, but to be able to raise skills ingame you have to pay 5 euro per month.

This game it is not level based, instead there is over a hundred skills to skill up in instead, for example I could be a woodcutter which cuts down trees which I then give to my friend and he will make usefull wooden items from the wood I give him, or I could be a smith and create my own cave and then create weapons, armours and other metal items. Of course, you do not have to be dependant on other people but it will be harder without them.

The great thing about this game though, is that it is almost totally player based. You can form the ground, dig in one place then drop the dirt in another to raise your own island if you got the time to do so. You could dig a big field around your player made castle and then dig holes in the ground and use them as traps if enemy towns come to raid your settlement. Join a village, or live with some friends out in the woods, perhaps you like to keep to yourself? Make your own little house on a mountaintop or at great hunting plains.

The crafting system is good, not perfect but good. There is two types of servers, one called "Home" and one "Wild". On the home server you may not steal, kill or loot other players and their settlement but swim over (yes, it's like two worlds together, with diffirent landscapes, all modifyable by players) to the Wild server and join in great sieges on enemy towns, loot their treasures, destroy their houses, ruin their crops, kill their animals, and kill the citizens and take everything for you (or your village) to claim! But be carefull, don't forget to check their political stance, as they might be well connected with other players. Be too ruthless and you might get pillaged and looted yourself by your victims and their friends!

So if you are tired of the same static games, where whatever you do never changes your surroundings like I was, then give this a try! Of course there is much more to the game than what I mentioned here.


  • ShadowZEROShadowZERO Member Posts: 102

    Unfortunately good review posts on little-known games often get lost in the mix on these forums.  Glad you bumped it or I wouldn't have seen it.

  • ShadowZEROShadowZERO Member Posts: 102

    After reading:  So its like a TRUE sandbox mmorpg then.  Characters are totally skill-based, and you can modify your environment to no limit.  Its got a PvP and PvE server(wild/home), which is standard for a lot of modern MMOs.

    Sadly enough, most people on these forums won't give it a second look though, prolly cuz it doesn't fall into 1 of 3 catagories: Major IP(intellectual properity), Fantasy, or Sci-fi based.

    To me it sounds brilliant though, i'll have to give it a shot.

  • CederoCedero Member Posts: 55

    Great. Just don't expect the best game ever becaus while it is a really great one it does have (like all games) some flaws.

  • phatpeteyphatpetey Member Posts: 323

    Ok, I get your point. This could be a great MMORPG, why not it's got a great system. You can do everything you want build a castle here siege a village there. But I only go one question for you why are there only 40 people online on those server?


  • CederoCedero Member Posts: 55

    I can not tell for sure, but I would think it is becaus it is not made by a huge corporation and does not have several million dollars to use.

  • MeltdownMeltdown Member UncommonPosts: 1,183

    I tried Wurm last night for the first time and it's not because some huge corperation isn't backing it, or because it doesn't get any hype/publicity. The game is clunky.  From the interface to just moving around it feels like your dragging a giant boulder behind your character. I won't even go into the graphics and how annoying the tile based system is.

    The crafting side looks decent, I love the skill-based system, wish there were more like this. But when it comes to first impressions the game will steer people away. I'm going to keep at it and see if my first impressions are wrong, but the game to me needs an overhaul, like Jumpgate Evolutions is doing.

    Update the gfx, make the UI/movement smooth, and what you end up with is like a cross between UO and EQ with much more environmental manipulation. Thats just what I could tell after 1 night, but it doesn't mean I'm going to quit and go play WoW. But the game competes against other game interfaces that blow this one away, and it shows.

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  • CederoCedero Member Posts: 55

    Yes the interface is not so good but it works.

    If you can also put your opinions and possibly how you would think it can improve the game you would help the game improve by posting on the Wurm Online forums.

    I hope that will enjoy Wurm Online more once you get more familiar with how it works, since it is very hard on you in the beginning.

    Here is the Wurm Wikipedia from where you can read many things about the game, and it also contains guides for newcomers.

  • MaurizioMaurizio Member UncommonPosts: 162

    I would have to disagree about the crappy UI that is being takled about... Clunky? Maybe its because i have played way too many games and have come across some of the worst UI;s in that time, may have an impact on my comment about Wurm UI... But anyway, im not sitting here trying to argue that the UI is great, but all i know is that the reason there is not a ton of players goes far beyond the UI. Also lets not kill the pop anymore then it really is, theres an average of about 85 on each server at any single time. Just about everyday on prime time of play, i see wild server at about 110 to 130 players. Yes its not your WOW population, but then again look at how much advertisment Wurm is doing compaired to WOW, and you can see right there where the biggiest problem is.

    Moving more along as to the reason people leave... Just like myself i logged in and didnt really know what to do, i did a few of the missions, but the foraging part killed me as i was there for half hour trying to forage something when i didnt know i needed to move around grass tiles. So alittle more info for the missions would be a good thing. But overall the game does not need an overhaul like mentioned, it does need some tweaks though.

    About the tile thing, i think becuause you only tried the game for 1 day is the reason for your not liking the tiles, becuase i actually felt the same way at first, and i turned off the option to have the tiles highlighted. But when i further figured out why it was, it dawned on me... Ok im not saying that its perfect the way it is, but i can see why the devs made it like that when it comes to how much terraforming you can do. Along with that it also acks as a distance counter as they use it in many things such as how close/far you can place village deeds, and build guard towers and so on.

    Again, i can see exactly why your comments are as they are, as i had the same exact when i frist started, i was actually about to log off for good, till a friend noticed me in game, which i known in another game... He showed me around and showed me the ropes, since then ive fell in love with the game because of the concept it follows and the littlest things that are balanced which are normaly just left out to dry in other games.

    Hope you can really try out the game with an open mind, and not concentrating on the little things you dont like like the tiles, also keep something in mind... There is a differance between a game with the concept/game play actually working very well but lack of graphics/animation then to one with all eye candy but lack of game play. Graphics/animation/UI can all be worked on and changed made better, having to fix/change game play to make it better is a total different ball game.

  • ironoreironore Member CommonPosts: 957

    I see great potential for Wurm, but as has been said, it is an ongoing thing.  The UI and graphics can be updated and changed.

    My question is, where can I find the overall design goal of Wurm.  What direction are they going with it?  Is this available anywhere? Are there any major parts of the plan that are not yet in place or is it mostly there and just has details to keep adding and tweaking?

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