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[Preorder Info] Mark responds

[quote] Originally Posted by Mbj View Post


Okay, I'm a bit confused here. I've gone through our website, GOA's website and our press releases and based on what I've read there and here, let's start off with some basics:

1) Characters will not roll over from the OB. Not a chance, prayer, etc. OB is for primarily the load testing of the game and not for people to level up their toons and then bring them over to the Head Start or into the game. Whoever is giving out their information is wrong.

2) When we put up the websites for the CE, we separated the CE from the CE Pre-order program on purpose. Nowhere in the CE Pre-order program does it say that *only* CE Pre-orders will get the HS and the OB. There's even a line that says "All pre-order customers will receive one of the following items..." It also says a number of times in the same section the words "pre-order customers" and not "CE pre-order customers." We weren't trying to be clever, cute, devious, etc. but to simply covey the basics of the program. Apparently we may have needed to be even clearer than I thought we were being.

3) In terms of the length of OB, the final length of it is still to be determined. Don't expect a 30 day OB or anything like that. We've never promised, hinted or even inferred that OB was going to be a long process, that's what our Beta is for. If we need a longer OB, then it will be longer. If a shorter one will suffice, that is fine by us.

4) In terms of the Head Start, the length of the Head Start is still being discussed which is why we haven't posted anyway how long it will last.

5) In terms of the Head Start as it pertains to the CE POs and the SE POs, our intention is that the length of the Head Start will not be the same. While we have never said that they would or wouldn't be the same, we do want to give some extra time to the CE POs.

6) We also hope to make an announcement sometime before we go into OB about another bonus thing for our CE POs customers. I can't go into detail about it yet but it will also be seen as a nice little extra for the CE POs.

7) In Europe, the plan is for the OB to invite the CE POs customers but the SE POs will not get a special invitation.

In terms of the whole "OMG, I wouldn't have bought the CE if I could get the HS/OB time with the regular PO" thing. If that's how you feel, no problem at all. Cancel your CE then and pre-order the regular game. If all the special items, librams, quests, heads, art book, graphic novel and miniature aren't worth the difference in price, either cancel your order or don't pre-order the CE (if you can still find a copy). Our CE has more useful in-game goodness than any other MMORPG. And the fact that the CE contains a very special miniature (that will not be reissued by GW and/or EA) along with all the other stuff, makes it, in our opinion, the best CE of any MMORPG to date. The fact that it is essentially sold out in NA and almost there in Europe this far before launch means that the players agree. And yes, the items/quests/etc. that are listed in the CE section of our website (as opposed to the Pre-Order Program) part of the webwite, will still only be for the CE and not the SE.

9) In terms of why we didn't announce this sooner, well, we thought we were clear when we posted all the information. Apparently not, at least for some of you and that's why I'm here.

10) In terms of the OB being for CE pre-orders only, well, that's a bit of nonsense. I've posted enough and I'seen enough people talk about the OB to know that most of you knew that OB wasn't for the CE people only.

Mark [/quote]



  • jpeterson92jpeterson92 Member Posts: 53

    I could have said that entire post in one sentence: All pre-orders get access to an Open-Beta at an unknown date for an unknown amount of time and Collector's Edition people should stop whining.


    On a side note though, if you pre-order the game, get the OB code then decide you don't like the game, can you get your money back after having played the beta already?

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  • banthisbanthis Member Posts: 1,891

    thanks Pheace..*twitch* i'm still twitchy if not confused since nothing seems to be clear I wish they'd just make up their minds so we stop speculating at this point  I'm more than sure multiple times that I saw only 60k codes were printed but now it seems thats not the case.   If it turns out CE's get extra on their Headstart or OB then I guess i'm fine with that and I admit the items and quests are nice...8sighs* I'm miffed but...I'm not goign to give up my CE ... I'm having to much fun in beta for that.

  • iduumsiduums Member Posts: 205

    there is 60K codes printed for the collectors edition (only 60k copies made).  The idiots at gamestop/eb were giving people who ordered the normal version of the game the CE codes instead of the regular pre order code.  This was causing huge problems.

  • HardwareGuyHardwareGuy Member UncommonPosts: 64

    This might be a stupid question, but I oredered the CE from best buy and I don't have a code yet and they say it will be Aug 17th until I get it..   Is that when the beta starts or am I misunderstanding who is actually playing the game right now?

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  • iduumsiduums Member Posts: 205

    There is no set date for open beta.  Everything is speculation.  Until we hear it from Mythic don't read between the lines.

  • ChiramChiram Member UncommonPosts: 643

    CE is still worth it IMO, who cares about a head start? this game isn't about the rush to get to 40, it's about the experience on the way up and the even larger experience once you are there :). You WANT to stay with the mainstream leveling populous, otherwise, you could be missing out on some seriously fun PQs.

  • PhilssPhilss Member Posts: 433

    Seem like no one read  mark post ???

    They are giving CE preorder more headstart time ( maybe 1 or 2 days )

    + CE get the extra in game quest wich give some title

    + extra in game item

    And thats not mentioning all the stuff in CE box .

    CE still worth it imo.

  • osirisssosirisss Member Posts: 54

    We still get the in game quests that the SE don`t get

    We still get the extra heads that SE don`t get

    We still get a LONGER Head start then the SE get

    We still get that item that gives us the EXP boost that SE don`t get

    We also getting other  goodies that is soon to be announced

    ( I am leaving out all of the out of game stuff CE get because this does not seem to be a issue.

    So basically all we " lose" is other people besides us get in the OB and we don`t get the FULL Head start to ourselves.

  • impulsebooksimpulsebooks Member Posts: 561

    More people in the game with us = more targets.

    I'm ok with it.


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