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Worth getting back into it.

SeeksterSeekster Member Posts: 15

Anarchy Online is one of the few free MMOs that I have had a good deal of fun playing and have come back to fairly often. The only things I can say bad about the game is that it really could use better graphics and I dont like the quests all that much but none of these come close to ruining the game. What I want to know though before I get back into AO is the game still alive? Are the Clan Wars still active? If not then is there another game that anyone here might recommend?


  • hobo9766hobo9766 Member UncommonPosts: 457

    If you do play it do it as a froob. Funcom doesn't deserve anymore money on false promises.

  • SeeksterSeekster Member Posts: 15

    But of course I have never subscribed to AO or any free MMO out of principle nor do I plan to.


    All I want to know is, is Anarchy Online still an active community?

  • 123123456202123123456202 Member Posts: 272

    this game isnt dead atleast it wont be when they do their big update---they are changing the graphics to be as good as AoC it might be in our top 5 MMO's if they do everything right.





    oh and you have to sub to get the graphics change sorry (they will be releasing with in 6 months)

  • SeeksterSeekster Member Posts: 15

    *sigh* why does that not surprise me *leers at Funcom* hell even Runescape lets free players use their "high definition" settings (Granted for some reason you have to be a member to use HD full screen but still.)


    If AO isnt going to cut it anymore than can someone recommend another decent to good free MMO that has a good community?

  • BrezjnevBrezjnev Member UncommonPosts: 98

    The updated graphics will most likely be free for everyone. It's also not a completely new graphics engine (don't expect AoC looks), but merely an update from dx7 to dx9. Expect beautiful water, nice skies, lovely shadows, wide fields with waving grass and the same old fugly character animations.


    There is still a community playing and enjoying the game. Notum Wars on RK2 are still going on at all levels.

  • taramirtaramir Member CommonPosts: 74

    What seperates this game from the rest? Ive played most MMOs but for one reason or another have always skipped this one. Sell me on it please

  • BrezjnevBrezjnev Member UncommonPosts: 98

    It's total lack of any kind of thought-through class design since Gaute unleashed the Shadowlands upon poor little harmless AO. I have not yet seen any other game with such poor inter class design as AO has.


    If you were looking for a more positive reason: to me the world felt alive and unique. Make a character start playing and traveling, read the background stories on the AO website, eventually you'll even start to learn the histories behind the organisations of the players themselves. It's also one of the older mmorpgs so it doesn't have the streamlined progression path that most newer mmos find it necessary to force upon their players. In one way this is bad because you have to figure a lot of things out without some npc telling you, on the other hand this is good since you have to figure out a lot of things without counsel from some npc. Personal taste probably, but I never liked being held by the hand.


    Plus, the froob program is totally free and there is no cash shop that  makes for a double standard between "free" players.

  • digitydarkmandigitydarkman Member Posts: 2,194

    I started my account back up after a few years. Im having fun with it again... for now. Who knows how long it will last.

  • burmeseburmese Member Posts: 546

    The game is still very much alive.  The graphics update will be what everyone runs on, including free players.  Anyone saying otherwise about graphics and subscriptions is just a vengeful troll.  The key for newcomers is to find a -good- guild soon, don't get vacuumed up into the orgs that spring up weekly by spamming invites on all moving chars.  The game is complex and new players need to cover a long learning curve.


  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912
    Originally posted by 123123456202

    this game isnt dead atleast it wont be when they do their big update---they are changing the graphics to be as good as AoC it might be in our top 5 MMO's if they do everything right.
    oh and you have to sub to get the graphics change sorry (they will be releasing with in 6 months)


    As much as I despise Funcom now, I still can't stand blatant falsehoods. Please research even just a little before you type next time. EVERYONE gets access to the new engine, froobs and sloobs.

    Although the likelihood of the engine coming out is slim to none now due to recent incompetancies regarding AoC, they did intend it for everyone.

  • MrlogicMrlogic Member Posts: 178

    Hello everyone, I played AO from release and pretty much quit when SL was released because I felt that it totally ruined the game for me. I hated the environment in SL and still do, it was just so out of context from the environment on Rubi-ka, can anyone relate to this feeling or only understand me? However, now I have been playing WoW for a few years and I am getting utterly tired of mages and warlocks and the whole WoW-world for that matter. I miss the environment in AO (apart from SL then ofc), I miss my agent and my sniper rifle. All I can think back to now is how fun AO was before SL, the memories of finding a yalmaha in a box, how glad i was for that and how I explored the world for 24 hours straight with my new Yalmaha. 

    No other game has never even come close to amaze me the way AO did, but is it worth getting back to? Whats left from when I left? How many players are playing AO now? 




  • piithpiith Member Posts: 95

    It's still the same with more content.  If you comeback on a full account (all expansions to LE) then a lot more.

    I have not done it, but  read that free players can PvP in the battlestations, they just do not get the rewards. If you liked it before, your still going to like it now.

    There are  fewer players then there was 4 years ago, but still plenty there to play with, only place I have troubles finding a team is for LE missions, But I play during the hours When there are the least amount of players on. For any thing else I have had no problems.

    I think that was one of my biggest attractions to AO was, it was soloist friendly ,  But the last 2 expansions  (AI,LE) were not.


  • BroomyBroomy Member UncommonPosts: 487

    Ive had a froob account in AO for some time and even upgraded to the subscription.  I play it on and off.  The world is immense, the learning curve is steep making the game very complex and enjoyable. 

    If they were to update the graphics, character models, add more storyline content quests and rework combat mechanics, AO would be the best MMO in the world hands down.  They need to take some of that 30 mill that was given to AOC and spend a little of it on revamping AO. 

    Current Games: WOW, EVE Online

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