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Wheres my email registration!!!

ramenman01ramenman01 Member Posts: 2

well, i'v registered 10 tiems with different info, and i still don't get the damn email. Can someone pelase tell me why?


  • jaeger1jaeger1 Member Posts: 12

    I have the same problem, but I think that here you won't get an answer as this isn't the game's official board.

    Maybe it's a problem with certain locations or a problem of their servers, you just have to go to their official site and complain there, as I did

  • magebromagebro Member Posts: 2

    Ditto here. After the first failed attempt the system even said my username was already being used, which never happened the first time i tried to register.

    Doing it for the lolz

  • RainroomRainroom Member Posts: 2

    try using popular domains like gmail, yahoo, msn. Then u'll have 50~60% chance of getting reply.

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