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How is this game?

elphaba001elphaba001 Member Posts: 2

I like that it's a one time buy and there's no monthly fee so I'm considering buying it.  But first, how is it? Is it worth it?

none now


  • SerapheimSerapheim Member Posts: 18

    In my opinion one of the best non-subscription MMORPG's out there. Great PvP and the PvE isn't too bad, it will keep you entertained for quite a while. But eventually you will find it repetitive and boring, but to sum it up I would say that it is definately worth buying and can keep you occupied for quite some time. Eg: titles, acquiring new armour and a competitive PvP.

  • GodliestGodliest Member Posts: 3,486

    There's a lot of stuff to do and accomplish in PvE and PvP is probably the best I've seen in any MMO. In PvE you'll have a campaign to run through in both Normal and Hard Mode, there are titles to gain, skills to unlock, armor to get, builds to try (and make), etc. The PvP is quite awesome mostly thanks to the tactical aspect and the different arenas available. I would definitely recommend you to pick up Guild Wars (and preferably Nightfall since it's the best campaign) since it will offer you something do for a long time ahead.



  • LydonLydon Member UncommonPosts: 2,927

    I've been playing it for over 2 years and I'm doing fine. Definitely worth my money.

  • RaikulRaikul Member Posts: 38

    I just started myself, and it was way worth the $30. Having a blast, already doing PVP after 2 hours of gametime and it has a healthy amount of players.

  • sirjayko2sirjayko2 Member Posts: 37

    I've only beaten propho and eye of the north.... no where close to beating factions or nightfall... so i have a ways to go.... but im not bored at all, i think HM (hard mode) is a good little feature if you have ursan blessing for EotN so... yeah i have em all... in my opinion the platinum edditions are a waste of money cause they only give you certain emotes... so dont get those, but get regular guild wars

    SirJayko- Peace in unachievable. War is immanent.

  • LydonLydon Member UncommonPosts: 2,927

    What do you mean they only give you certain emotes?

    If you're talking about the "special" dances, those only come with the Collector's Editions, not even the regular games.

  • Lady_FeiLady_Fei Member Posts: 17

    I have all 3 campaigns, and the Eye of the North expansion.

    I have been playing since Factions was first released, over 2 years ago, and I still log in alot of hours of gameplay per week.

    They use the term "best bang for your buck" and this game really fits that definition. What you get for the amount of money you spend is ultimately worth it.

  • Time-BanditTime-Bandit Member Posts: 14

    I started playing in 2005.  This game is a blast if it is your first dabble with this type of game.  I've eventually grown bored with the game after tooooons of hours on it.

    But you won't hear me complain.  No single game captured my attention like GWars did.  I've moved on to other titles, but to me GW is worth a serious look.


  • ekspertseksperts Member Posts: 49

    Very good game with fast paced fight, generaly skill oriented, although not for crafters. I personaly like storyline too.

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