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After factions which campaign should I buy?

snowytechnasnowytechna Member Posts: 185

Which campaign should I buy after factions, I have pretty much finished all the missions and I bought Factions first because it had more pvp options or so I've heard.....So now I am looking to buy another campaign, which one should I buy? I am thinking of buying EOTN (I know its an expansion and not a campaign) first since that's the newest.....but then I've heard Nightfall has the best PVE and storyline so I might buy that first.....I do not want to buy all the campaigns together for various reasons.....So which would be my best bet?


  • observerobserver Member RarePosts: 3,685

    The only 2 left are Prophecies or Nightfall.

    • Prophecies is the first one that gets the story started, so i suggest start there.
    • Nightfall is more newbie friendly with Heroes.
    • EotN is an expansion and not a campaign.
  • snowytechnasnowytechna Member Posts: 185

    Thanks for the quick reply but I guess you didnt read my full post.....I specifically mentioned that I know that EOTN is an expansion and not a campaign.....

  • endlesoneendlesone Member Posts: 109

    if you ask me i'd definitely go for Nightfall though my favorite is Prophecies

  • LydonLydon Member UncommonPosts: 2,927

    My personal favourite campaign is Prophecies. Some prefer Nightfall due to it including heroes, but to be honest millions of people survived without them before it was released.


    I'd say get Eye of the North after Prophecies (whenever you get it), as it is a continuation of the storyline.

  • openedge1openedge1 Member Posts: 2,582

    I played Prophecies, and then Nightfall, and felt Nightfall was the best in regards to PvE. The flow of the story and the game was great fun, and the Heroes add an extra amount of RTS type gameplay to the mix.

    Prophecies is cheap though, but be prepared that if you played Factions, you will want to get out of the beginning world FAST. It is slow paced, a good place to meet people but, beyond that, not as fulfilling anymore.

    Your best bet? BUY THEM ALL....this game rocks!

  • Lady_FeiLady_Fei Member Posts: 17

    I think the first campaign anyone should start with is the simple, and fun campaign of Prophecies. Once you get your feet wet, you will prob want to aquire a campaign or expansion that has Hero Henchmen, so I would really reccomend Nightfall.

    There are some Factions mission outposts that are dead zones during off hours, and trying to build a suitable group for mission completion is almost impossible. The use of Heros can allow 2 players to create a balanced group to successfully get Masters reward in any mission.

  • observerobserver Member RarePosts: 3,685
    Originally posted by snowytechna

    Thanks for the quick reply but I guess you didnt read my full post.....I specifically mentioned that I know that EOTN is an expansion and not a campaign.....


    I did read your full post, and i just mentioned it for other people who might be reading. 

  • hXcFecalhXcFecal Member Posts: 39

    Don't even bother with Proph, that game was terrible to me, Factions is the best game i've ever played and Nightfall was pretty good too. I've been playing factions for over 2 years now and ill soon hitt he 2 year mark for NF. Get Nightfall.

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  • ekspertseksperts Member Posts: 49

    Nightfall and EOTN include heroes, but Nightfall had much more new skills because campagne not expansion. EOTN is good only for pve.

    Prophecies - best storyline of all GW campagnes (I recommend make a prophecies character), many new skills for Faction player also.



  • grunt187grunt187 Member CommonPosts: 956

    Nightfall if you want heroes

    Prophecies if you like pve(story is the best of the three)

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  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 CommonPosts: 6,690

    I say Eye of the North because you not only get heroes but you get access to the Hall of Monuments where your achievements can be transferred to Guild Wars 2. Though you may find a deal where you can get another  campaign and EOTN in the same deal.

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