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Gamer needs help getting a account for MU

WildCardzWildCardz Member Posts: 43

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all are having a good day.

I am having a problem with setting up a account to play MU Online, I have downloaded the client and installed it.

Each time I try to regester for a account I get a message to check my info. I go over the info with a fine tooth comb and still can not get past the message.  Anyone got any suggestions or onfo on what the problem might be? I tried to find a contact point for the game to no avail. 

 So please contact me via email at   Please do not spam my email it's childish. any help is much appreciated.

I will be watching this post for replys for about an hour



  • awesomoawesomo Member Posts: 31

    Make sure you entered the right data when you tried to register. Ready everything carefully.

    And register with an email adress you have never used in the past for MU Online.

    It should work.

  • UniquePersonUniquePerson Member Posts: 14

    how do you activate i dont get the email man help me


  • ramenman01ramenman01 Member Posts: 2

    yea i didn't get my email either, i made another email cuz i got sopiseed, any help please? :D



  • magebromagebro Member Posts: 2

    Same here, i've tried registering many times, Only for it to say check my re-type email box. Which is correct coz i copy'd and pasted it.

    No activation email. And when i tried to register again (different email address) it said my username was in use, which it wasn't before.

    And i have found no way of complaining to their admins.

    Doing it for the lolz

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