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Age of Conan: Letter from the Game Director



  • SecromSecrom Member Posts: 318
    Originally posted by Talemire

    After extensive research on how Mythic treats their playerbase, I have little doubt they'll do us wrong like Funcom did.


    Uh what? Let me sum DAoC up for you, chronologically...

    PvP based on "zerg that CCs first wins...", and the "stealth war the devs don't want to hear about". Big  number of different classes with questionable differences, but they HAVE to be different for the sake of it. So pvp balance from the start... meh. Then the fun starts:

    Buff bots -> $$$ from extra accounts, pvp balance takes a hit

    Shrouded Isles -> $$$ from expansion with imba classes, pvp balance takes a hit

    Trial of Atlantis -> $$$ from must have expansion with overpowered stuff, pvp balance takes a hit

    Frontiers -> Stand-offs with melee chars pretty much relegated to catapult driver, stupidly OP realm abilities on classes that really had no need for that. Yes, godmode on f*ckin sorcerer, I'm looking at you...

    Catacombs -> $$$ from expansion with overpowered "press 1-2-1-2-1-2" classes, supposedly to make up for the presence of buff bots. Read "We don't care if you have grinded a character and gone through that ToA nonesense, if you want to be more than RR point food, get a bot or start over" What's left of pvp balance...

    WoW ships, DAoC numbers start to dwindle... "Oh wait guys! we'll make servers where bots can't be used, and ToA junk doesn't exist!" *kiss butt, kiss butt and kiss some more...* <- that has been the tune since then.

    But yeah, WAR will be better... No question about it... *sneeze*

  • OzmodanOzmodan Member EpicPosts: 9,726

    I think the point that Funcom missed was that developing for consoles and developing for PC's especially when it comes to MMO's there is a huge difference.

    When you make your UI simple enough for the console market, you are essentially really dumbing it down for the PC market.  Since most MMO players are used to complex UI's for their MMO's, this simplistic interface they are using really fails for the playerbase.

    They still don't see that.  They really don't have a clue.  They put in fast leveling because of the console market, that is another no no in the MMO arena.

    Next time I see a MMO that is dual PC an console I will make a point to avoid it and I think so will many others.  You just cannot mix the two.

    Yes, consoles can add a keyboard and mouse, but no developer is going to limit their market by enforcing console users to add those items.  Hence the mess that is AoC.

  • theguru22theguru22 Member Posts: 52
    Originally posted by AlienShirt

    ...specifically focusing on bugs, stability, and performance.
    I am pretty sure those are items that should have been worked on BEFORE launching the game.


    Not familiar with MMO launches are we? Here, you try to stress test this game on every single fathomable hardware and software configuration within 7 months. Get an idea of what they're dealing with? Personally, I've never had a stability or performance issue with AoC, and the biggest bug I noticed is that "Charge" doesn't work.

    Anyway, I'm sorry to all you who hate on this game. Let's wait and see how WAR is when it comes out, shall we? Will the fanboys eat their words? Or will it be another successful improved WoW clone?

    - Theguruofreason

  • SamaelSamael Member Posts: 31

    Epic fail. I played the beta since early stages, posted in beta forums that an early launch will make devs apologize for charging people in order to play an unfinished product. This is de proof that I was not wrong.

    The worse of all is the waste of a major franchise. I hate that since SWG disaster. I hope AoC will be a great mmo sometime in a near future (1 or 2 years), but now those "I fail" letters are a bad joke.

    image - Spanish Black Prophecy Fansite

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