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DOMO or Flyff?

KivotKivot Member Posts: 44

What do you think?

Note: I just voted for Flyff so I could see the results. Don't count 1 vote for Flyff.



  • GoldFlareGoldFlare Member Posts: 6

    Yeahhh , FlyFF is really good, me i have a lvl 67 Knight,blade, and jester,, lvl 61. Its a great game i love the smoothnesss of it , now im Downloading Domo... I hope its smooth.


    Oo if any one knows and really smooth games like priston tale, Flyff,Seal Online , games like those Please respond back here or message me :)

  • azn_gamerazn_gamer Member Posts: 6

    LOL, the votes are 50/50, hilarious man.

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