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Why dont they just make Pokemon the MMO?

MattinatorMattinator Member Posts: 1

Be the same thing wouldnt it? Except we'd all know what we were doing


  • harshskaterharshskater Member Posts: 61

    :) ther would b no role playing in it

    and wen hav you ever seen ash calling his charizard to kill brock? i havn't YET lol

    *extreme sarcasm*

    and sarcasm aside, nice thread :)

  • xseekxxseekx Member Posts: 5

    They already did actually... its like a 3 mg download and its 3D, I played for like 5 minutes then removed it.. but the battle system is weird and you still get to catch pokemon, like the Diamond and pearl versions but 3D...

  • MolepuddingMolepudding Member Posts: 4

    My god Pokemon hell.

  • allstar101allstar101 Member Posts: 31

    cant beat the original red and blue on gameboy :P

    simplicity is the way forward for pokemon


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