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Rappelz or Perfect World

DevusinDevusin Member Posts: 15

Bin playin PW for a while am lvl 38 EA, startin to get bored on a count of it being too repetitive kill x amount of mobs fly here and back etc. Also i found that you cannot have pets unless you a WF which is only girls which is weird if your a guy.

Anyway, PW or Rappelz....

MoS resurecci


  • mottomotto Member UncommonPosts: 17

    i posted on others...that i ever play LC & Rappelz...

    i ever play PW too...

    i only play Rappelz for now , may help for ur selected.


    wonderful world

  • Drag0nBlaz3Drag0nBlaz3 Member Posts: 33

    Yeah I just couldn't seem to get back to PW when I hit lvl18 the first time. For Rappelz, I just can't stop making characters to start over with my previous character's items.

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