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I returned and tried again...silly me!

FlynnQFlynnQ Member Posts: 11

I tried Irth when it first came out, and found it unsatisfactory (and that's my nice version.) So, when it returned as a free version, I tried again. Big mistake!

1. The words on the screen are so tiny they are unreadable. I know there is a workaround--but didn't any of the Beta testers report this? (Based on my experience, they likely reported it, but these self-absorbed devs ignored it.)

2. The overhead view (all I can see are my head and my pointy shoes!) is ridiculous. Changing the view is counter intuitive.

3. I tried to get help on their forum, but I forgot my logon name and password. They have an excellent method of recovering your password--but you NEED your user name; and there is no way to recover this. So, no way to ask for help.

4. I contacted Irth directly, but they don't respond to emails--not even an auto-responder.

These guys have lost their way and don't realize that their GPS is stuck up their A@@.

Too late for them now. Fortunately Guild Wars, Dungeon Runners, etc. are free, intuitive, successful and a good reason NEVER to struggle trying to find something good in a game run by a bunch of disconnected, disconcerned and soon to be financiall bankrupt group.


  • K.o.v.eK.o.v.e Member Posts: 227

    Ugh I could have told you this...


  • ElgarLElgarL Member UncommonPosts: 191

    Devs? Last time I counted there was ONE dev.

    Creator of ELTank and Nostalgia

  • rascalcmosrascalcmos Member Posts: 25

    Aaah...Irth Online....

    ..The crapiest thing ever made...

    I actually wondered if THE dev working on it has ever played a real game in his life....


  • charlespaynecharlespayne Member UncommonPosts: 378

    I have played it when it was pay to play and it was actully playable, i enjoyed it alot even the text was a good size to read, but then it went f2p and it went bad i couldent play it anymore, and then the text was really tiny.

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