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Did the trial, my review

I beta-tested this game, and in the face of hardcore fanbois and gold farmers, I was pretty hard on this game on a funemental level (such as balance, ganking, broken economy ect...)  Since it was free to play, I played right up until the servers shut down and the product went live, and I can honestly say that this game was trash when it first came out. 

I recently left wow again, and lotro, and I am waiting on WAR for the time being, so I decided to go back to this game to see how FLS lived up to it's promise of righting all of the wrongs that it had at launch.  here are my findings.

Ganking:  Still occurrs very very frequently, and some systems have been put in place to protect people have actually made it easier to gank.

Economy:  most improvement was here, but it is still lacking balance and involvement.  I suppose that is the human side of gaming.

Content:  More has been added, but they haven't gotten back to the level they had before they cut all of the content prior to launch.

Balance:  Game is still horribly imbalanced.  IF you decide to play this game, you should just bandwagon and join the largest country.  Also class balance still has the free trader sucking it.

In conclusion, it has improved, but not enough to merit a game worth playing with so many other viable options out there.

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  • AnnekynnAnnekynn Member Posts: 1,437

    Balance is why I quit. When my navy character could become invincible and unsinkable for a minute and a half, I found it time to move on.

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