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PvP fun in Guild Wars?

What's the pvp in this game like? 

I know there's an arena system, is that the only place to pvp?

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  • Sniper22Sniper22 Member Posts: 3

    GW offers many different types of pvp which I like.

    1)  Random Arenas - 4v4 Battle (Random grouping)

    2)  Team Arenas - 4v4 Battle (you assemble your own team)

    3)  Hero Battles - 4v4 Battle with capture points (One player controlling 3 "heroes" or npcs, only nightfall and eotn has heroes)

    4)  Alliance Battles - 12v12 Battle with capture points and npc assistance(You assemble a 4 man team to be paired up with 2 other teams.  This is the whole kurzick vs luxon thing.  Factions only)

    5)  GvG - 8v8 Battle guild vs guild battle (more competitive and complex)

    6)  Heroes Ascent - 8v8 or 8v8v8 Battles tournament style to get to the hall of heroes where you can earn some weapons and stuff if you win.  (Variety of different battle styles and more competitive)



  • zonzaizonzai Member Posts: 358

    PvP in GW is very fun.  Better than in an y game I have played before.  It lacks the large scale battles of DAoC but other than that, yeah, it's great fun.


  • LydonLydon Member UncommonPosts: 2,932

    Thought I'd have my say - Guild Wars PvP is very tactical and completely skill-based. There's no grinding for PvP gear or anything of the sort. In fact, you can create a maximum level PvP character right from the start.

  • QGoddyQQGoddyQ Member Posts: 27

    PvP in Guild Wars is pretty good, just stay out of HA and you'll be fine.

    Especially GvG's are fun to play, if you don't get wooped

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