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Grand Theft Auto IV

Has anyone purchased Grand Theft Auto.  Is it living up to all the hype, or should I wait till it is being resold as used and save a few bucks.


  • ZartyzzoZartyzzo Member Posts: 17

    Play pacman.

  • FrostHearT09FrostHearT09 Member Posts: 93

    Solitaire is the best!

  • ulycessulycess Member Posts: 54

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  • GalaxoGalaxo Member UncommonPosts: 389

    i want PIE

  • Kinda of an old post, so you might have bought it already or tried it yourself. Though I have it for the Xbox 360, and I think it is quite fun. I haven't gotten to far into it yet, but it's pretty immersive and the story seems decently interesting. I think that there is a very good chance of it being game of the year, but we will see. Metal gear 4 and a few others might steal it.

  • Killa154Killa154 Member Posts: 63


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