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Maybe a classic UO shard in the makes!!!!



  • HocheteHochete Member CommonPosts: 1,210

    very interesting indeed. I'd play a classic UO shard over ANY game if it were released, including WAR and vanguard.

    however, many people seem to be going on about making it a 'publish 15' shard........ why? :| that's UO:R stuff, that's the entire reason UO fell from fame in the first place. classic UO is pre:UOR... a shard with trammel and felucca is just as carebare as it is today, just with less flourescent pink weaponry and robotic horses (or whatever the hell they have now).

  • poythrespoythres Member Posts: 68

    Thread necro.. did this ever happen?

  • xmoleculexxmoleculex Member Posts: 98

    Never happened. Those idiots at EA/Mythic are so stubborn about this issue it makes me sick.

  • ChiramChiram Member UncommonPosts: 643

    *gets ready to make his heavy xbow mage*

    Im sure EA would find a way to spoil the fun if they added a classic server. Is it even possible for them to completely reset back to classical rulesets?. May lose my job over this if the server comes out :D ROFL, jk.

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