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Guild wars faction trial or demo key

ladyRage26ladyRage26 Member Posts: 1

hey all i'm new to this site...but I was wondering if anyone could tell me where to find a copy of a trial or demo key for guild wars faction? I have the opportunity to purchace the game for $15 brand new and I'm trying to see if its worth it! after all if for some reason i loose my internet connections then i can't even play the game...any help would be greatly appreciated thanks:)[email protected]


  • GodliestGodliest Member Posts: 3,486

    $15 sounds low enough to just give it a try if you ask me. I at least would try the game out, especially after seeing that it's a popular game and has been said to be good numerous times.



  • AwesominityAwesominity Member UncommonPosts: 93

    15 bucks?! Given that it originally cost $50 and a demo disk (if they're still selling 'em) is $2 or $5. Might as well just go get it.

    Btw, where are you finding that sale?


    Edit: It doesn't matter if you lose internet connection. Your characters will still be preserved just as you left them, where you left and waiting for you whenever you come back.

  • endlesoneendlesone Member Posts: 109

    $15 for GW Prophecies? that's cheap compared to when i bought the game when it launched the official partner of NCsoft/Arenanet sell GW Prophecies for roguhly US$ 11.00 or Php 499.00 yup its a bargain and i envy those who were able to purchase the game cheaper than i did. slowly mmo players here are seeing that playing GW is way cheaper than other mmo's offered here

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