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Are priest useless now ?

Kaynos1972Kaynos1972 Member Posts: 2,316

Havent played the game in like 6 months.  Now i go on the forum and all i read is druid and pallies are best healers, druids tank are better than warriors.  I was thinking of re-rolling a priest and i'm wondering if i'm not making a mistake.


  • PepsipwnzgodPepsipwnzgod Member Posts: 203

    druids are terri-bad tanks... paladins have a way of staying up in the mana for a long time, priests still output the most, in my guild thought normally shamans top the healing charts..


  • Pappy13Pappy13 Member Posts: 2,138

    No Priests are not useless. 

    They are NOT the healing gods they once were however which has Priests all up in arms screaming that something must be done.  It's utter nonsense.  Just because they are not the ONLY healers to take to a raid now, doesn't mean they are useless, it just means they have to compete now with Shammies, Pallies and Druids who can hold their own depending on the circumstances.  Too bad.  Deal with it Priests and quit crying about it.  It wasn't too long ago I had this same conversation with a Holy Pally saying Pallies were completely useless.  It all just depends on what raid your talking about and what you have available.


  • earthhawkearthhawk Member Posts: 247

    Druid are the best healers in the game at the moment.

  • MajinashMajinash Member Posts: 1,320

    Priests melt faces in raids now.  they go pew pew and no one ever runs out of mana.

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  • AntipathyAntipathy Member UncommonPosts: 1,362

    Think someone made the mistake of reading the official forums. At any one time, at least half of the class forums are full of people complaining that there class is no longer viable.

    e.g. I'm sure if you read the forums you would see something along the lines of:

    Druid: No one will take my Moonkin. My feral sucks at PvP. And is that a nerfbat I see coming?

    Hunter: We are only arena viable when grouped with resto druids, and even they get bored with playing 20 minute mana drain matches with us.

    Mage: Why take us when we don't top damage meters and offer less utility than locks

    Paladin: No one wants my retri, and all our specs are crap at PvP

    Rogue: Our DPS advantage isn't enough to make up for our lack of utility. And there are too many melee unfriendly encounters

    Shaman: We suck at PvP. We only get to go to 5 mans as healers, and even then people would rather take a priest

    Warlock: We've been nerfed too much

    Warrior: No one wants my DPS warrior. And people prefer druids and palas for tanking 5 mans

    All healing classes are viable at endgame. Priests may not be strongest in any single category of healing, but they are vastly more versatile than any other healing class. They are also the best 5 man healers, and are the favoured healers in the first raid instance (Karazahn) due to their ability to both dispel and crowd control undead.

    Plenty of guilds use priest healers throughout the game - including in the latest raid instance, Sunwell

    Besides - knowing how to get the most from your class, and how to deal with each different encounter is far more important than which healing class you play.

  • XiaokiXiaoki Member RarePosts: 3,358

    Priests are the most versatile healers. Big heals, Shield, HoT, CoH, PoM. They have it all. And that's if you're Holy. Shadow you melt face and act as a mana battery.

    Druids are the best raid DPS healers because they have HoTs but are the worst tank healers because they only have HoTs.

    Shamans are good raid DPS healing(Jesus Beam) and good tank healing. Also have the best buff in the game(Heroism/Bloodlust).

    Paladins are ....there. They used to be good because of their mana effiency but the changes to Shamans and then Spirit ruined that. Now they are buff dispensers and Overheal chart toppers.

  • ValaraukoGRValaraukoGR Member Posts: 78

    Priests are great both for end-game PvE healing (Holy/Discipline) and DPS (Shadow). Many guilds raid with two shadow priests, especially when Mass Dispel is needed. They are very good for arena too. Happy levelUp m8

  • lilreap2k3lilreap2k3 Member UncommonPosts: 353

    Originally posted by Xiaoki

    Druids are the best raid DPS healers because they have HoTs but are the worst tank healers because they only have HoTs.

    I agree with everything you said except this part. Druids are the very best tank healers imo. With all 3 HoTs ticking, tanks life bars pretty much stay full; especially when the Druid has over 2200+ healing. If there is a spike in dmg taken, priests are great backup healers for the needed big heals to top off the tank.

    I played a raiding Resto Druid for over a year in the 2nd best (progression wise) raiding guild on my server. Before I joined them, they thought Druids were raid or melee dps healers. Once I showed them why Druids should heal tanks, they never looked back. Not saying I am the greatest Druid healer of all time, because I am positive I'm not; but Druids are just that good at healing.

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  • ThriftThrift Member Posts: 1,783

    Restro druid cant be beat

  • AntipathyAntipathy Member UncommonPosts: 1,362

    As someone who plays a resto shaman, I'd have to agree with the druids on this one! Druids make much better tank healers than me.

    If I end up tank healing I'm likely to run out of mana long before any druid does. My tank healing is good enough in 5 mans - but in a raid every other healing class is better at keeping a tank alive than me.

  • KurushKurush Member Posts: 1,303
    Originally posted by Aguitha

    Havent played the game in like 6 months.  Now i go on the forum and all i read is druid and pallies are best healers, druids tank are better than warriors.  I was thinking of re-rolling a priest and i'm wondering if i'm not making a mistake.


    Nah, you're def not making a mistake.  Yes, there are several heal specs which are viable for raiding and heroics.  Resto shammies, resto druids, and holy pallies each have certain things they're good at.

    Priests, though, are still the best healers overall in most categories.  You're also not limited to spec'ing holy and healing in a PvE setting.  Shadow priests are just as valuable in raids, if not moreso.  If you're into arena, a lot of teams use disc priests.  Priests nowadays also have a fair deal of survivability in BG's, if you actually spec for PvP instead of bringing your PvE build in there.

    So your options aren't limited by any stretch.

    And somebody else made a good point.  You did made a mistake: looking at the official forums.  At any given moment, 90% of what is said there, especially on the class forums, is complete crap.  I remember reading the mage forums back when I played at launch.  As I recall, about 1/5 of the posts there at that time talked about the serious problem of mages, that they actually had the worst DPS of any class.  The rest had some other flavors of bullshit.  I don't know if the mage forums are still the same, since I'd sooner gouge out my eyes than look there again.

  • astrob0yastrob0y Member Posts: 702

    What am I reading in this post? Cant really say that one class is obsolute.

    Priests are really great for raid buffs and aoe healing. Paladin rocks as MT healers. 

    Shammies (my class) are gods as aoe healer with our pew pew spells (+its really hard to go out of mana, even with tons of +haste) and we are doing really good with our totems.


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  • I_SeeI_See Member Posts: 6

    A lot of truth in here.

    I have a 70 priest who has been holy since day one (release).  We have come and gone as the most bad-ical healers in the game, but everyone else has pretty much explained who the best healers are now.

    The one caveat I would add here is that in BGs and arena, the softy-clothy priest has to be hella bouncy to stay alive, whereas a holy pally (as an example) can stand and soak damage while healing.  On my rogue (als0 70) I have come across shammies and holy pallies that do nothing but sit there and heal themselves, and no matter what I do I can't kill them... druids can be tough in this way too, but if I catch them in caster form I can get them down.  But a priest? No, dead.  Don't get me wrong, a priest can win, but it takes mad skillz, bounciness, and a little luck; whereas the pally/shammy can just sit there and heal themselves to infinity until help comes.

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  • DreathorDreathor Member Posts: 537

    Not useless.


    Mass dispel on Muru :)

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