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Turn based fighting, for once. (Final Fantasy, Grandia, etc.)

The fighting system in Wonderland plays alot like a traditional RPG. You run into a monster and BAM! Your in a turn based area where you fight old school style. Sounds odd but it's really cool, the animations for fighting is nice, and you and your buddies can jump in and fight groups of monsters as a team instead of doing hectic raids such as in WoW that require lots of money, patience, and having no life in general. This is more of a casual game that can be played little for fun, or if you want you can get totally into it and make a bunch of random crap and sell it so you can be the next Top designer.  I thought this game was gonna be a clone of Ragnarok and sh**, but NO! This brings back good memories of playing 2D RPG's with the plus sides of a MMO. The only thing that's seems dumb about this is turn based clan wars.... Yeah I've seen this and it's pretty funny. You have about ten people on this side and then a bunch on the other side, and you take turns attacking the opposing team (look up on youtube to see for yourself). So yeah if your into the casual games for consoles like DS and you like MMO's then this game is calling for you. <insert name here>


  • downtoearthdowntoearth Member Posts: 3,558

    ilike XD

  • little_fazlittle_faz Member Posts: 80

    Yeah, the turn based fighting is one of the things I like about Wonderland Online.

  • IIGabeIIIIGabeII Member Posts: 2

    Oh yes, Wonderland is the first turn-based mmorpg.


    *points to Fairy Land and Myth War* A lot of MMOs were in production before this came out here.


  • smm28smm28 Member UncommonPosts: 5

    After play the game for 4-5 weeks i have something to say.

    My main there is lv 44 almost 45 but i stoped leveling him.

    My 2nd char is lv 20 crafter. i got all equips that are need to make everything there. i make 20k gold per days selling what the players want to buy not what i want sell.

    Why im quiting?

    • To get 1% of the xp to level - i need fight 5 time the some 2 mobs lv 60 = 500 fights. Well its mean - camp the some spot for 2 days = 1.000 kills
    • To heal - 2 potions = juices are need per fight = 1000 juices to get 100% of the xp.
    • To make 1k juice need plant seeds for 7 hours.

    Think about it.

    • The main is afk under official bot fight for 48 hs to get 1 level. Remember 44 to 45... what about lv 199 to 200 ?

    • The 2nd char is making juices for 7 hs to supple the main for 48 hs. There is not bot for make juices than you need sit and make it.
    • 1 k juise need  480 seeds and 40 organic mulk.
    • To get 480 seeds your 2nd char need fight for it.  The newbs dont know what seeds for they sell at npcs or just drop it. Rare ones save and sell it for 5g each till they know what seeds for.
    • To get organic mulk you need sit on closetools and drop it. 1 each 3 min. At my country we use bullshits or quimical mulk not human shits.

    well lets forget about juice and put the 2nd char to make stuff and sell it. 

    What make for sell?

    Plastic sell good couse every one want  the 2nd floor at tent.

    Than lets make some plastics.

    Crude oil are need for it. Stay afk all night to get around 150 crude oil = 150 plastics. OMG - dont forget the time afk to get some firewood. Well you can buy it from player around 120 golds. well you can get crude oil compound coconut oil + fish. Lol.

    Each plastic take around 20 mins to make but if you improve your tent. only 16 mins are need to make it  - at this time your tent lucks like one workshop - lol

    After 16 min you can sell the plastic for 400-600 golds and buy crap juices or food to heal your main. No one will sell the juice that you can make when you plant the seed and use the fruits that you get - 350 HP heals and 100 SP. There are no price for it.

    I forgot say about my other char getting crude oil or coconut or seeds and other one afk fishing. Lol 4 accounts.

    Why play one game that you need 3 acc to suport the main acc afk for 2 days to get 1 lv?

    OMG my blacklist are filled up with nicks (kids) that say crap at world chanel. I wanted put like 999 nicks on my blacklist no no better close the world channel.

    Wait i have better way. Quit and delet the game.

  • SolamnusSolamnus Member Posts: 12

    lol at smm28. This is not belongs to here. Just make another topic for this....

  • freeleefreelee Member Posts: 102

    Oh, sorry but to be honesty, i dont like the turn based fight~~~

    but i like making everything by my hand .

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