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Jagex: Ban happy?



  • keslerikesleri Member Posts: 127

    There was a funny comic where a monkey had the option of clicking either  "Mute" or "Ban" when answering a support query. It was really funny...

    Imho Jagex Customer Support team is like a large pack of monkeys who hunt for flees .

  • devilisciousdeviliscious Member UncommonPosts: 4,359

    11. for "mooing " at mods when they try to prod you back to the  herd.

    12.  for walking up to a noob killing cows and giving them 100k gp just for the hell of it.

    13. for talking about bloodhound gang songs.

    14. for saying "harder!" when someone hits you in pvp with a godsword.

    15.  for taking castle wars flags outside of castle wars.

  • Matt269Matt269 Member Posts: 124

    I got muted for saying " ? "

    I also got a temporary ban for not answering a person when they said "hi" to me when i was muted. Apprently they thought i was a macro because i was wcing and not talking. They were like " OMG!!! where did you get your Santa hat!!!" and " You must be a macro!!! I'm reporting you!!!!!"

  • keslerikesleri Member Posts: 127


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