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new mmorpg in development

stringy14stringy14 Member Posts: 12

i am friends with a group of developer working on a new mmorpg it is only in early stages of development but they have a website which is www.good-games.co.uk and a forum so pople can see future updates and suggest things etc. all i have been told is what is on the website and that the graphics are pretty good :) oh yeah there forums are'nt to good atm because they got a weird skin on it which there changing soon.


  • SiskanSiskan Member Posts: 6
    Since this is their first game, are they qualified to make good games?

    I wish your friend's developing team good luck!
  • stringy14stringy14 Member Posts: 12

    yh there pretty good at programming, have good ideas and a good comrecial engine to make with and i watched them make some scenery that looked pretty cool.

  • AkaJetsonAkaJetson Member Posts: 1,167
    Have they told us what the game will be about?


  • stringy14stringy14 Member Posts: 12

    yeah they were going to base it around the elements e.g. fire, earth, water, air. But now are just going to have a huge world for people to explore, fight in , do quests and other stuff such as mini games. also there will be two gangs the bandits and the imperium which are struggling for controll and money so you and you will be able to choose to help one of them and the more you help you can go up ranks in that group which unlocks more armour, wepons etc. as well as that you have classes and skills amongst others to improve.

    as soon as i know more i will post it here but  if u want to suggest things for the games or find out more faster go to their website and forums www.good-games.co.uk  one more thing i can say atm is that their site is bad atm but their working on it cos im helping them with that  yay

  • FohoFoho Member Posts: 13

    sounds good to me

    "If someone with multiple personalities threatend to shoot himself, would that be a hostage situation?"

  • DamianGtoDamianGto Member Posts: 18

    Well it would bee nice if they could make anything with the website also, it suck big time.


  • stringy14stringy14 Member Posts: 12

    yh does cos i think they've kinda forgot about it cos there puttin their efforts in to the actuall game that websites the last thing there doing because its only the place for people to suggest what they want to see in the game and for the download of the game.

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