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How do THEY know?

TussTuss Member Posts: 103

This has been bugging me for a bit: How do the POES know so much about the game and how it sucks, if they don't play it anymore? And if they still do play it, isn't that going against what they stand for?

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  • exel134exel134 Member Posts: 41

    EXCACTLY finally someone with sense


  • mike470mike470 General CorrespondentMember Posts: 2,396
    Originally posted by Tuss

    This has been bugging me for a bit: How do the POES know so much about the game and how it sucks, if they don't play it anymore? And if they still do play it, isn't that going against what they stand for?


    First of all, it's nice to know how name is used in context like this.  The POES and I are honored

    On to your point, it doesn't make sense.  I read their site weekly, look at all their updates, and yet nothing is fixing the issues that this game has.  The last major update is when they added the "single PVP" minigame, which was a complete failure.  No risk, and hardly any reward.  Also, if you call running around a small map "fun" or "skillful" then that is rediculous.  I try all of the new "big" updates released, yet they clearly are not what the fanbase has been waiting for.

    I have played RS for years.  It's simple to say the game has gotten worse, even someone who hasn't played it can tell you that.

    Oh, and when I play, it's either to catch up with long time friends or try out their failing updates.  I am a nonmember and I haven't logged in in around a month.  And before that, it was onyl to talk with some friends of mine.

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  • Matt269Matt269 Member Posts: 124

    Even though I don't play anymore, I do go on there site occasionally to check out their updates. I also do have friends who still play and tell me about the latest updates. So I do know about whats going on in the game even though I don't really play anymore.

    I have played runescape for several and I have a Lvl 101 account with a Santa hat. I am actually ashamed to admit that. Anyways, I occasionally log on to talk to friends not so much to play the game. I actually haven't been on since April, and yet I know about the new quests, the graphics update, and quickchat.

    Good question though.

  • devilisciousdeviliscious Member UncommonPosts: 4,359

    Mike and matt pretty much summed it up for you. I was in a clan of about 600 members and I have thousands of  ex runescape players and some that still play on my messengers so I am kept up to date with what is going on, I too have come on periodically to see if they have fixed anything, but it is pointless they just keep making it worse not better.

    The people that are most upset about the updates are the ones that played the game for years, had maxed characters, had invested time and money paying for years of memberships into their characters only to have everything they enjoyed ripped out of the game. People who hardly play a game do not get as upset about it because they do not have the time investments that the vetran players had put in. I played the game for years,  if I had known that they were going to ruin the game like they did at the time I was paying for memberships, I would have never payed for them in the first place. I would have never invested my time on the game if I had known they were going to ruin it, I would have played something else entirely instead.

    I would have never thought that Jagex would make such terrible changes to their game, if you had asked me 2 years ago if they would ever be stupid enough to nerf the wildy, gambling and trade I would have thought you were insane. If I had known what I do now about Jagex I would have never played their game in the first place. They do not value the time and money invested by their players into their characters, so we should take our money and time elsewhere. Pissed Off Ex- Scapers FTW!

    PS. You can come on and check to see how a game is doing and not have it go against your cause, You can try it but that does not change the fact that you are pissed off about it. In order to show Jagex how you feel about their changes you can play it free, but not pay them another dime in membership fees. I know players that just go on the game to rant about the updates, I think they actually think that if they rant long enough maybe Jagex will listen.

    The whole point in voicing your opinions about the game is if the number of players that support keeps growing and the number of memberships keeps dropping that eventually the devs will wake up and  realize how bad their mistake was.  They have felt it in the pocketbooks, now it is up to the players to make sure they keep feeling it and know exactly what caused it. All of this is done in the hopes that Jagex wakes up and changes how they do things.

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