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Possible new Sci-Fi MMO?

MegathaneMegathane Member Posts: 3

Was browsing through the web with a friend of mine looking for job as a modeler and came across this new company.  They apparently are making a new sci-fi mmorpg called Crusades.  Check it out  www.vizualfxstudios.com.




  • dalton319dalton319 Member Posts: 1

    if thay pull it off i think from what ive read taht will be a very very good game. i hope thay do it

  • MegathaneMegathane Member Posts: 3

    Hi all, just got back from vacation!  Had lots of fun!  Been trying to follow this new MMO that seems to be progressing quite well.  I saw they have been interviewed on gamebunny..  here's the link if you want to read up on it.


    I'd like to see MMORPG do one on them.  I enjoy more of the content here.  More relevant info on the games I play.  AOC, EQII and DAOC.

    Take care all!  Time to get back to the grindstone!  Work is never done hehehehe.



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