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Czech guild and Games similiar to Lunia

Hi i want only know if someone from czech republic play lunia if yes i will create czech guild.


Cht?l sem pouze v?d?t jestli ?eši hrajou luniu jestli jo vytvo?im ?eskou guildu.


And don´t you know some games similiar to Lunia ( I mean like press A to attack even if opponent isn´t staying in front of you)


  • TsujigiriTsujigiri Member Posts: 25
    I doubt there´s anyone from CZ/SK, Lunia is fun and all but it certainly isnt game you could play for monhts, so I wouldn´t bother with making a guild at all, but thats just my personal opinion. Anyway, i´ve been playing Lunia with my friend for two weeks and we never met any czech players so gl with that :)
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