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Fully instanced?

Pyro240Pyro240 Member Posts: 194

Will this game be fully instanced ? 

or will it be like WoW with tons of people in 1 world. 

Fully instanced zones and cities and dungeons  is the reason i couldn't stand GW and quit within in a week.

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  • RedwoodSapRedwoodSap Member Posts: 1,235

    They say instancing will be limited. But I have seen developers flip flop on that before.


  • Pyro240Pyro240 Member Posts: 194

    oki I googled a bit and this is what I found.

    There is only 10% of the world being instanced, so it's not like GuildWars (where only cities are persistent) nor WoW where there is tons of instances (But the instanced zones in Aion work like those in WoW). Those 10% are mostly used for story telling.

    so 10 % isnt that much :D

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  • bee52bee52 Member Posts: 158

    I'm assuming you found those instancing notes from here?

    According to that thread though there will be loading screens when going through portals and entering new zones.

    So pretty much the same implementation as WAR.

  • Pyro240Pyro240 Member Posts: 194

    mm, well heres where I found the info on the instances 


    I hope there wont be to many loading screens then, cuz it rlly fucks up the gameplay.

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  • EphimeroEphimero Member Posts: 1,860

    Afaik, loading zones only for far distance traveling.

  • zeeZerzeeZer Member Posts: 36

    The very first areas were instanced as "channels" you could switch in order to prevent those places getting overcrowded. So there's the chance of having non-special stuff instanced, but that isn't a bad thing.


    Imagine the whole server population logging on on the release day. It'll look like what you get for a google image search on "japan tokyo summerland", not good!


    Most of the 10% instances will be storyline cinematics, as mentioned before

  • EphimeroEphimero Member Posts: 1,860

    Let's clarify, that only happens at the very lowbie zone so people doesn't have to wait in queues for their mobs, once people arrive the city channeling is over.

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