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Looking for a good community.

WaterlilyWaterlily Member UncommonPosts: 3,105

I'm looking for a game with a nice community. It's now the most important thing on my list, beyond gameplay and classes. Aions community seems to be nice and it seems to attract nicer people than AoC or EQ does. I find the communities there a bit confrontational.

How would you say you have experienced it so far? Do you believe the community of Aion will be a benefit to the game?

And what are your experiences with other games, and do you hope the Aion community is similar or not.


  • EphimeroEphimero Member Posts: 1,860

    Well, the community in this game might be a mixure of players from FFXI, L2, WoW and GW mostly, oh, and many usual F2P players who will start paying for the first time in Aion, right now its all sweet because the people around are the ones who have looked into the game, but I'm almost sure we will get our share of kids.

    So far, my experience in MMOs communities is somehow weird, while people could always mantain mature conversations, they would go for the competitive blah since i've always been playing pvp centric games. It was great for me, others might not like it or be too sensitive for that :P

  • dakota123dakota123 Member Posts: 93

    most of the people from AoC and Warhammer are for some reason not very nice. It seems tht the true mmorpg'rs who actually look into all games come to aion. This is actually a really good community i think.

  • jmmcglojmmcglo Member Posts: 203

    Overall the Aion community is much much more friendly and refined than the WAR and AoC communities will ever be.

    You have many of the "1337-ish" attitudes floating around bashing and challenging everyone and their brother within the AoC and WAR community. It's disheartening to many... and grotesque / irritating to others such as myself. Heck... they come over here and bash us when they have noone else to bash on.

    Ephimero hit the nail on the head as far as the demographics of the Aion community. My personal opinion is that Aion's community is one of quality and not quantity. That by far is the most attractive aspect.


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  • MarkJWMarkJW ColumnistMember Posts: 226

    I agree with you guys completely. Take a look at this AoC forum, AoCSource.com. I don't moderate it. It has no word censor filter. Here's an ugly thread, definitely not the worst but whatever:


    Now take a look at AionSource.com's forums, which I personally moderate:


    Any of those threads are 50x cleaner than AoCSource's. Why? Because the kind of people that play AoC and the kind of people that want to play Aion are pretty different, at least for now.

    I guarantee that AionSource.com won't turn into a L2Blah-type forum. We have strict rules and whoever breaks them gets a nice slap, oftentimes a straight ban. :)

  • Riho06Riho06 Member Posts: 431

    WoW's influence extends far beyond it's easy gameplay, the MMO community as a whole has changed for the worse permanently. It's unfortunate but it's the truth.

  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 29,212

    Keep in mind that this community is still young. Once the game is in a beta where European and U.S. players can take part, it will then be more accessible to many, many others.

    That's not to say that you are going to find sites like Aionsource besieged with garbage.

    However, you might find other places inundated with more such posts.

    I maintain that this game will be a niche game because of its high concept design. This is not saying it will fail. This is the only game that I am interested in of any game out there that is up and coming (or just hit).

    However, because of it's high concept approach I imagine that it won't appeal to a younger crowd so much. Only time will tell of course.

    Also, as Ephimero said, it has attracted many former (or current) L2 players, Guild Wars, etc. that makes sense as their graphic styles as well as the pvp natures of the games are of course i line with Aion.

    OP, you will just have to wait and see.

  • Cuj0Cuj0 Member Posts: 81

    Yeah.. as Sovrath said, Aion's community in NA/EU is still "young" for the moment.

    I'm waiting for Aion since I left L2, more than one year ago, and now, it seems we are near with a release of a beta here in europe.

    This summer I haven't to go on vacation abroad, so, I'll devote part of my time to Aion's Beta, if I'll be accepted in, and if really it's going to be out within this summer :P

    Can't wait ! :O


  • CyntheCynthe Member UncommonPosts: 1,414

    Errrr just to add some perspective on the AoC comparison. Age of Conan's official website's community was A LOT different then what it is today only a few months ago. But right after they started opening the servers to the public all the flaming -insert word of choice here-'s started showing up.

    AoC Source was fine for the first week, but rules were taken down, supposedly only on the PvP forums  and the moderation was questionable and now we've got another AoC community where people like me don't feel welcome in. Hugh..

    Anyway, Aion Source in contrast is a place we try to keep friendly with many discussions going on. :) However I'm expecting an influx of not so nice people nearer to launch.. But I know Mark won't tolerate their shenanigans.



  • ScabbScabb Member Posts: 32

    It's the same everywhere imo. Only that i usually read aion forums,then i think that aion community is nice atm but all the p2p have a good community,only that AoC atm is the only game on release and all the player are there :). Will be better when WAR and Aion open their doors on Q4 2008,i hope^^

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