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Is DOAC still alive?

ttomm46ttomm46 Member UncommonPosts: 446

I was checking the DOAC site and it shows a trial plus all of the expansions which look fairly cool..My question is....are there enough people actually playing the game ,or is it dead?


  • BleriBleri Member UncommonPosts: 18

    Try looking at the Camelot Herald (Google it for url)


    They have a State of the Realms section showing how many people are online on the various servers.

  • ttomm46ttomm46 Member UncommonPosts: 446

    Just checked it..It says 3702 defending the realms in North America...I think that's a server total so that is really low...I imagine then the realms are really empty

  • ElmorenElmoren Warhammer Online CorrespondentMember UncommonPosts: 110

    All games that are 5+ years old are relatively dead these days.  There are exceptions, but very few.


    Also, try to steer clear of games that release sub-par versions of games because they were rushed (Vanguard, Tabula Rasa, etc) or drastically change their game a few months after going live (TR again), they tend to lose base very quickly, and never recover.


    I wonder if they'll ever learn to release a game 100%, or not release it at all.

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  • Jerid13Jerid13 Member Posts: 465

    3702 on at this very moment, yes.

    It is kinda small compared to the massive hulk that is WoW where you probably would find that many people on two servers.

    or on FFXI where right now 2045 people are on my server alone (Diabolos)

    However it is still a rather big community, keep in mind that its just that many at this time currently and that the populations are mostly on 3-5 servers now (there is a large amount of a players on only a few servers)

    a Server merge would really help things out.

  • nubsnubs Member Posts: 59

     Because of server clustering the effects of population drops are felt less for those who continue to play but I would say once WAR is released that DAOC will probably be closed down.

  • ShadowhandShadowhand Member Posts: 100
    Originally posted by nubs

     Because of server clustering the effects of population drops are felt less for those who continue to play but I would say once WAR is released that DAOC will probably be closed down.

    I think sometime after WAR is released DAoC will be come either F2P of bundled with the WAR monthly fee( Which would be cool, mabey increase population / another selling point for WAR ). But I dont see how it would benefit them to close it down.

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  • fulmanfufulmanfu Member Posts: 1,523

    i just resubbed for a month. made a character and cruising through the new 'tutorial' zone i have seen alot more people than i expected.

    of course im only here to get my bearings again, until they bring out the new 'classic' server or WAR comes, whichevers first, but theres plenty of people to play with.

    just wish my old guild still played, now i gots to find a brand new one..

  • ttomm46ttomm46 Member UncommonPosts: 446

    sounds great to me!!

  • gnomexxxgnomexxx Member Posts: 2,920

    There is a site that shows you population graphs for various time lengths (week, month, year).

    According to it, the population is steadily declining.  Kinda sad.


    Stats for Dark Age of Camelot Servers


    Yearly Graph...


  • AshyrnorAshyrnor Member Posts: 37

    Nop, they will be offering the same system SOE offers, which is you use the same account for both, and pay $20 to have both accounts open.

  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 43,652

    Those are pretty small numbers, and I 'd say the game's pretty much on its last legs unless they can breath some new life into it by releasing a true classic server or making it free to play.


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  • ttomm46ttomm46 Member UncommonPosts: 446

    i was just trying the trial today and talking about empty

  • KhrymsonKhrymson Member UncommonPosts: 3,090
    Originally posted by ttomm46

    i was just trying the trial today and talking about empty

    You'll run into a few players either on trial or a vet playing an alt, but the majority of the population will be up in the RvR areas!  So for most of the game you're gonna be on your own, but I've heard of ways you can get to lvl 50 really fast, then join in the most excellent RvR...

  • DrukstylzDrukstylz Member Posts: 189

    someone said to check out the camelot herald to see the status of the servers. So I went and this is what I saw. Can someone explain this? 

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  • YeeboYeebo Member UncommonPosts: 1,361

    I recently resubbed.  At least on the classic cluster the tutorial zones has a fair number of folks running around.  I've played it through on all three sides now.  There's also usually some action in Demon's Breach if you go looking for it (although it's often getting ganked).  I'm sure on the regular servers everyone still uses "/level" and skips it, so you won't see anyone.

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  • CotswoldCotswold Member Posts: 70

    To anyone who mentioned DAoC and F2P, I really hate you .

    Seriously tho, the way DAoC is set up as far as PvP there won't be any rampant griefage like you have in EVERY F2P game... but lets wait till the OF server is out before we cast judgement on the life of this game.  I leveled a toon on the classic server cluster all the way to 50 just in the BGs just a couple months ago so it's not dead... yet. 

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