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Will Mortal Online be similar to the original UO?

bhumabhuma Member Posts: 78

I just came across a newly announced MMO called Mortal Online, which is being produced by company in Sweden. According to their website, the core development team was involved in the beta days of UO.

Apparently, MO is designed to be a true sandbox, skill-based, level-less game, with full FFA and full loot pvp, where you can be and do pretty much anything you want--but with touted next-gen graphics.


Sadly, I never played UO, but I have grown tired of theme-park MMOs, and am looking for something different. I think a true sandbox game might be fun for a change. From everything I have heard MO sounds much like the early 'classic' version of UO. What do you guys think?


  • GungaDinGungaDin Member UncommonPosts: 514

    looks promising.  i'll keep an eye on it.  UO2?  who knows?

  • skeaserskeaser Member RarePosts: 4,098

    Ya, I've been reading up on Mortal a bit lately and it seems the developers are a bunch of old UO junkies who missed the good old days, got fed up and decided to make their own game. It has so much promise but my concern is they are a small company that I've never heard of. Who knows though, if FC can pull off AoC, who knows...

    Edit: I see a few things coming about for sandbox games:

    A) Darkfall fails, Mortal rules supreme, many copy cats follow

    B) Darkfall fails, Mortal fails, someone else learns from their mistakes

    C) Darkfall fails, Mortal does it right, copy cats follow

    D) Darkfall succeeds, Mortal succeeds, they compete and bolster creativity via competition, copy cats follow

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  • ShneakyOneShneakyOne Member UncommonPosts: 156

    Thank you for pointing this game out. I'll defintily keep an eye out for it.

  • Darkfall looks closer to what UO was, but this has a chance. I am a big fan of full loot games.

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