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what is the best species in fury

TMan0314TMan0314 Member CommonPosts: 22
hey guys im downloading fury and i was just wondering what the best species and what clan their in has the highest physical damage. i dont want to be a little noob forever so i want to have a lil bit of unloading power on the higher mofo's. can anyone give me some advice.


  • A55A5INA55A5IN Member Posts: 175

    You'll get more indepth answers from the official forums but to answer your question a bit;

    1> You are not class/species restricted. In fury we have archetypes but these are determined mainly by what you equip.


    2> Physical damage dealers usually come in the forms of Destroyers, Wardens, Overlords but your archetype is determined by what abilities you equip. You can actually be a bit of all three as long as the elements you require for abilities don't clash. Air & Fire for instance. All 3 of the above archetypes have abilities that use Air & Fire. All of the above also have Nature & Air abilities but these would clash as they cancel each other out.


    3> WHat is best also highly depends on which gametype you are playing. What works for single player deathmatch won't work as well in a Team deathmatch scenario where your teammates can back you up and you don't need to have everything so you can focus on 1 main thing like damage or healing or debuffing etc.

    But you have 11 incarnation slots to mess around with so you can have builds for every game type.


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